37 Minutes

The following happened in just 37 minutes.

Music to listen
Judoka by Day, Pianist by Night

A talented person is talented in everything! That can be said about Georgian judoka Ilia Sulamanidze. ...

A Painful Lesson

Seeing an athlete crying after a loss is sad. Seeing an athlete crying in pain is a heartbreaking sight. ...

I Forgot!

I forgot! I’m at dinner, laughing at myself. Being back together on the World Judo Tour means listening ...

The Normal Thing

Saeid Mollaei is in Israel and that is already breaking news. With that, almost everything is said.

When Perfection is Anonymous

They are thirteen years apart, but they love each other as if they were siblings.

Judoka Story
I Know Where I Am

We see each other waiting patiently for our flight to Tel Aviv, sitting at the gate at Paris Charles ...

The Terminal

Six hours of waiting goes a long way, especially at an airport, but as Raffaele Toniolo says, “it is ...

Judo Airlines

Theory is one thing and practice is another. Making great speeches is not the same as applying words ...

“Perhaps Nothing is so Fraught With Significance as the Human Hand”

"Perhaps nothing is so fraught with significance as the human hand." ~ Jane Addams, US sociologist

Our Dress Code: a Language We All Speak

How do we begin to approach each day when we are still reluctant to accept our circumstances?

Calling all Coaches!

Tell us about your elite coaching experiences! The IOC Olympic Study Center recently launched a study ...