Antalya GS 2024
-66kg: There’s No Stopping Hifumi Abe

Well before the day of competition began, there was no doubt that the overwhelming favourite would be ...

Antalya GS 2024
The Abes’ Legend Status is Written in Golden Letters

The first day of competition at the Antalya Grand Slam 2024 has just ended with the indisputable victories ...

Antalya GS 2024
-52kg: Uta Abe Answers Swiftly

The original top seed was Keldiyorova (UZB), a workhorse of a judoka who has been picking off the highest ...

Antalya GS 2024
-60kg: Bliev Outclasses Mkheidze

Yung Wei Yang's 2024 season does not live up to his expectations, much less his results.

Antalya GS 2024
-48kg: Who Else Other Than a Three-Time World Champion?

The tournament could not have begun under better conditions for the host country, as from the first final ...

Antalya GS 2024
It’s Happening in Antalya!

A week ago the World Judo Tour stopped in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, a country of judo.

Jufo for Peace
Judo Brings Smiles Back to Children

The city of Kilis has been the scene of an extensive IJF Judo for Peace and Judo for Children programme ...

Judo for Peace
The Power of Resilience

A few weeks ago, after the Antalya Grand Slam 2023, the International Judo Federation and the Turkish ...

How Can I Go to the Earthquake Zone and What Can I Do?

A few days ago we published a first article about our recent visit to the areas affected by the earthquake ...

Rebuilding the Future: Where to start?

How to tell a catastrophic story? I could talk about what I saw, the destruction, the piles of rubble, ...

Relive the Excitement of the Antalya Grand Slam 2023

Antalya Grand Slam is over, but relive the excitement of the event with the top ippon!

Antalya GS 2023
Black and White Emotion

Gabriela 'Gabi' Sabau is an IJF photographer, who has been covering tonnes of events all over the world ...