Women's Day
Judo is Equally Suitable for Women and Men

Sanda Corak is the President of the Croatian Judo Federation.

Women's Day
We Are Just a Family

We see more and more women in sport and particularly in judo and at each level of practice.

Women's Day
It's All About Being Confident

Dr Lisa Allan has a long experience organising judo competitions at the international level.

Women's Day
The Doors Are Open

Elisabetta Fratini is a fine observer of the world of judo.

Women's Day
Simply to Learn and Improve

World and Olympic medallist, with 20 medals on the world circuit, Sally Conway shone on the world’s ...

Athlete Stories
Mums in Portugal, on Judo and on Prioritising

Nekoda Davis (GBR), Hannah Martin (USA) and Moira De Villiers (NZL) have something in common, well, a ...

Tokyo GS 2022
12/52 Project: Unleash Your Potential

12 and 52, those two numbers are intimately linked and that should be known.

Athlete Stories
Tahani Alqahtani (KSA) and Personal Freedom

Wodjan Shaherkani was the first, the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete at the Olympic Games.

World Judo Day 2022
Inclusion: Mongolia’s Women Leading the Way

Erdenet-Od Khishigbat has a familiar face, one we have seen around us in judo for decades.

Senior Worlds 2022
A First in the History of Judo

There are a handful of notable moments at world championships, through the years, with the Japanese team ...

Senior Worlds 2022

Being the one and only Georgian woman pushing at the WJT podium since her debut in Tiblisi in 2018, is ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion, Logos, Diplomas, Posters

Organised since 2011, World Judo Day is a moment for gathering around the values conveyed by judo.