Each year, 8th March represents an important date in the calendar since it is International Women's Day. Let's be clear from the start, for the judo family and for the values supported by our sport, every day of the year should be dedicated to the wellbeing of everyone and every human being should be celebrated for everything that he or she contributes to society. However, the facts are there, although the rights are the same for everyone, in practice, woman can face complex challenges.

This is the reason why, for many years, the International Judo Federation has been fundamentally attached to the celebration of 8th March, even if, let us say it again, everyone should have their place in the judo family, without any form of discrimination, throughout the year.

In 2024, the theme chosen to celebrate IWD is #InspireInclusion and that theme resonates perfectly within our sporting and educational community. Thanks to this recognition, we are given the opportunity to dream and imagine an egalitarian and equitable world, a world in which prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination have no place. In such a universe, diversity, equity and inclusion are the rule, while difference is highlighted and framed for what it is, a strength.

Towards 8th March and beyond, we will be celebrating women's achievements, while raising awareness of their challenges and barriers. The number of examples of how women, as well as men, can be inspired and can inspire other human beings is incredibly high in judo. Every single day we can find examples of what it means to #InspireInclusion in and through judo. When everyone inspires others to understand and value inclusion, we forge a better world.

Indeed, inspiring inclusion involves celebrating diversity and empowerment. On 8th March we will celebrate the sporting, social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women at all levels, noting that significant progress is still to be made. International Women's Day provides an opportunity to take stock of the progress made and the work still to be done.

We aim to join as many of us together as possible on 8th March and until then continue to #InspireInclusion.

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