2020: The Passion of Judo

The least we can say is that 2020 was a special, even strange year, in which all our benchmarks were ...

Year Review
2020: a Mosaic of Achievement

We arrived in 2020 full of excitement, for Olympic year had reached us and we were ready to jostle for ...

Judo for Women
Afghanistan Needs Women Leaders

Friba Rezayee is a smily and dynamic young woman, living in Canada and graduated in Political Science ...

Women's Worlds: Happy Anniversary

For several weeks we have been talking about it and for several weeks the tension was mounting, but a ...

Kaori Yamaguchi: I Was So Young

As we have just celebrated the first Women’s World Championships, held in New York in 1980, we still ...

1980 Women’s World Championships: Interview
The Witness and The Beneficiary

In 1937 a dictatorship-style government was in power in Brazil, gaining strength and imposing rules that ...

Women's World Championships 1980
It's Time to Celebrate

The celebrations for the First Women’s World Judo Championships are fast approaching.

First Women's World Championships: The Trailer

On Novermber 28th, we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the First Women's World Championships in New ...

Kerrye Katz

As Australia is in the Antipodes, this time, we will do things the other way around and we will start ...

1980 Women's World Championship
Celebrations Take Shape

The celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the first Women's World Championships, which took place ...

New York, 1980: Interview
Margherita De Cal: An Ordinary Trailblazer

All the interviews talk in the present tense because when these trailblazers take themselves back, for ...

Jocelyne Triadou: The Rage to Win

With multiple medals from major international competitions, including five European titles, Jocelyne ...