Olympic Games 2024
150 Days To Go, Part Two: Why Promote the Biggest Sporting Event on Earth?

150 days to go! That’s all, just 150 days until we are revelling in the mastery and enormous joy the ...

Judo for Children
Why Are Our Champions Important to Children?

When we enrol our children in their first judo class, we don't have the slightest idea if one day they ...

Judo for Peace
Everyone Comes Together in Zimbabwe

The event was held on 28th October 2023 and was organised by the Zimbabwe Judo Association under the ...

Judo for Children
What Is Important Is Where You Want to Go

The Paris Grand Slam made us a little dizzy but it was a dizziness that we love and that feels so good. ...

I Promise!

Bullying is a behaviour that endangers the very existence of our society.

Judo for Peace South Africa
Another School is Another Win!

It has been an intense start to the year for the Judo for Peace South Africa programme which continues ...

Lebanon Counts on Judo for Children

The IJF Awards were presented during the Paris Grand Slam 2024.

Judo for Children
Why Do Your Daughters Have to Do Judo?

Judo is by nature and by definition equally open to all.

Judo for Children
Why Do We Like to See Children at Competitions?

A World Judo Tour event is a celebration of judo, a festival of beautiful techniques, commitment and ...

Judo Celebrates International Education Day

Among the fundamental rights of every human being, education is an essential pillar, a public good and ...

Judo for Children
At What Age Should Children Start Judo?

In the series dedicated to Judo for Children, there is a question that often arises: at what age should ...

Judo for Children
What We All Need Is Judo

In a recent article, we highlighted multiple interests in practising judo from a very young age.