Gavino Piredda Promoted to 8th Dan

Gavino Piredda, a key figure of the organisation of judo events in Olbia, Italy, has been promoted to ...

Dialogues on Judo

On Thursday 11th November at 4pm, at the conference room of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Felice Mariani ...

United, One Goes Further - France as One

'Alone we go faster, but united we go further,' could be the motto of a mixed team competition like the ...

Junior Worlds
Olbia Delivered Unity and Hope

While the last day of the individual Junior World Championships ended in apotheosis and while there is ...

Junior Worlds
Generosity, Respect and Determination

Although there were only three categories competing on the second day of the 2021 World Junior Championships ...

Gianni Maddaloni: Judo for Love

Gianni Maddaloni is a character like few in life. At first glance, rather discreet behind his sanitary ...

Official Draw
Junior Worlds in Olbia: The Most Prestigious Event

The remote draw procedure is now fully established. At 2:00p.m.

Italy: Will the Work Pay Off? Tokyo Will be the Answer

With eight athletes qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Games, Italy has entered the big leagues.

Junior worlds

The future of judo will be associated in 2021 with the beautiful city of Olbia in Sardinia, Italy.

World Judo Day 2019

Last weekend could have been just one weekend like many others in this hot summer, but not for a group ...

World Judo Day 2019
Italy Fully Engaged to Save the Planet

Italy and the Friuli Venezia Giulia regional committee already showed that they were fully engaged to ...

World Judo Day 2019
Italy Makes the Difference

The Friuli Venezia Giulia regional committee in collaboration with the Unione Ginnastica Goriziana (northern ...