Cadet Worlds
Ganbold: 1% Talent and 99% Hard Work

Zagreb is the city of judo right now, for seniors, for cadets, for all judo fans.

Masters 2023
Technical Analysis, Day 1: Contrasting Dynamics and Tiny Margins

Jose Manuel Cortes (ESP) is now an IJF Referee Supervisor, having completed an exemplary refereeing career, ...

Climate Champions
Hajime Is Planted

The day after the closing of the Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam, a team from the IJF and the Mongolian Judo Association ...

Ulaanbaatar GS 2023
+100kg: Tasoev To Conclude the Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam

Losseni Kone (GER) believed in it almost to the end and he didn't miss much to reach the final, having ...

Ulaanbaatar GS 2023
Mongolia: The Springboard towards the World Judo Masters

The Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam 2023 came to an end tonight with the final five categories in smooth running. ...

Ulaanbaatar GS 2023
+78kg: Tomita Completes the Japanese Collection

The hierarchy was perfectly respected in the +78kg category, since the four best athletes in the category ...

Ulaanbaatar GS 2023
-100kg: Explosion of Joy for Gonchigsuren Batkhuyag

At -100kg some contests were among the toughest of the tournament.

Ulaanbaatar GS 2023
-78kg: Lanir Proves to Be the Best

All crowned with her world title won in Doha a few weeks ago, Inbar Lanir (ISR) appeared on the tatami ...

Ulaanbaatar GS 2023
-90kg: Gold for Igolnikov

Krisztian Toth was first seed, yet from the first round we felt that it might not be a great day for ...

Ulaanbaatar GS 2023
Technical Analysis: The Reflection of a Job Well Done

Judo has this incredible interest that there is something for everyone.

Ulaanbaatar GS 2023
Judo is Addictive and I Love it!

Her face is known to the whole judo family. Indeed, for ten years after the London Olympics where she ...

Ulaanbaatar GS 2023
Technical Analysis: Simplicity and Efficiency

During this second day of competition in Ulaanbaatar, we were delighted to see again beautiful actions ...