Losseni Kone (GER) believed in it almost to the end and he didn't miss much to reach the final, having eliminated the number one seed, Tsetsentsengel Odkhuu (MGL) in the quarter-finals with a magnificent sumi-gaeshi. A little blunted by his first contests, Kone could not pass the Minjong Kim obstacle in the semi-final and let the Korean slip away to the final.
Final, Minjong Kim (KOR) vs Inal Tasoev (AIN)

In the second part of the draw, much was expected of recent world champion Inal Tasoev (AIN). With his world title, will he be able to keep control? Two waza-ari, from an uchi-mata concluded on the ground against Jaegu Youn (KOR) in the first round, set the tone. In the next round, Tasoev eliminated Adil Orazbayev (KAZ) and Ushangi Kokauri (AZE) in the semi-finals. The world champion had all the cards in hand to get on the top step of the podium again, although Kim disagreed.

Gold medallist, Inal Tasoev (AIN)

At the end of this last day of competition in Ulaanbaatar and in the last final of the event, Inal Tasoev confirmed his recent world title as Inbar Lanir did in the women's -78kg. To win gold, Tasoev launched an uchi-mata that was blocked by Minjong Kim, but Tasoev changed direction and scored waza-ari with tani-otoshi before concluding with an armlock for ippon.

Tsetsentsengel Odkhuu (MGL) and Ushangi Kokauri (AZE) battled for the first bronze medal. For the happiness of the public, Tsetsentsengel Odkhuu won the bronze with a ko-soto-gari for ippon.

Bronze medal contest, Tsetsentsengel Odkhuu (MGL) vs Ushangi Kokauri (AZE)
Bronze medal contest, Adil Orazbayev (KAZ) vs Losseni Kone (GER)

Either Adil Orazbayev (KAZ) or Losseni Kone (GER) could still complete the podium. The medal went eventually to Losseni Kone, his first at this level of competition.

Medals, cheques and flowers were presented by Mr Ki-Young Jeon, Head Referee Director of the International Judo Federation and Member of the IJF Hall of Fame, and Mr Tamir Batnyam, CEO of the Ulaanbaatar Sports Management

Final (+100 kg)

Bronze Medal Fights (+100 kg)

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