Building a Positive Image to Build Bridges

Johannes Daxbacher is the head of the IJF Police Commission.

Gender Equity - Inclusion
Inclusion: Former States Minister on Tatami

H.E. Carolina Trautner, former Bavarian States Minister for Family and Social Issues, who is still a ...

Judo as Input for German Police Sport

It is not a secret that police officers have to be physically and mentally fit to meet with the daily ...

Judo for Peace
Peace Is in Good Hands in South Africa

On 19th March 2022 we wrote about the visit of Johannes and Regina Daxbacher to Lesotho and South Africa. ...

Judo for Peace
South Africa and Lesotho Focus on Peace

March 2022 has been a busy month for the judo family in the Southern hemisphere, with Sensei Johannes ...

Military and Police Celebrate Ten Year Anniversary

The armed forces and the police have been practising judo for decades as a simple sport or as an integral ...

Ethiopia Hosted a Judo Seminar in Dire Dawa

From 16th-20th September, Ethiopia hosted a basic and advanced judo seminar led by Faissal Raguib, coach ...

Ethiopia: The Judo Tree

Dr. Tsegaye Degineh is not only passionate about judo, he has also been for many years, alongside Johannes ...

World Refugee Day
Judo for Ethiopians, Judo is my home

Ethiopia is a relative newcomer to the international judo family, but the Ethiopian Judo Association ...

Judo for Peace
Judo for Ethiopians celebrates 10 years in the cradle of mankind

„Ethiopia is a great African country with multiple challenges but a huge potential“, say immediately ...

Military and Police
Judo Premiere and Awards for the Police

From May 9-13, 2019, the 15th European Police Championships Judo took place in Györ/Hungary.

Gender Equity
Husband and Wife to empower Women in Judo

Johannes Daxbacher (GER) has been involved in Ethiopia for many years, together with his wife Regina, ...