Grand Slam Paris 2023
How Does Paris Make Us Feel?

It’s a simple question, isn’t it? The 2023 Paris Grand Slam is right in front of us, just two days ...

GP Portugal 2023
It Works Because We Are Together

We don't really ask ourselves the question anymore because things seem normal and natural.

Jerusalem Masters 2022
Lisa Allan: Are We Ready for 2023? Sure, We Will Be!

There is no World Judo Tour competition without a cohesive and professional team behind the scenes, made ...

Tokyo GS 2022
Tokyo Is Ready for Ippon

While Tokyo has dressed in the colours of autumn and the city offers its wonders to delight the eyes, ...

Baku Grand Slam 2022
Chasing Olympic Qualification in Beautiful Baku

The draw for the 2022 Baku Grand Slam has been completed and that means the judo itself is not far away. ...

IJF Executive Committee
Making Gender Equity the Norm’

At the IJF Congress, on 3rd June 2021, new members of the IJF Executive Committee were announced.

Happy Birthday Lisa

The 6th of May is a beautiful day, not only because the Kazan Grand Slam is in full swing, but also because ...

Gender Equity
Judo Fights for Equal Opportunities

Dr. Lisa Allan is a member of the IJF Executive Committee and is the IJF Events Director.

The heiresses of the pioneers

Lisa masters the art of irony. Elisabetta has the same smile as the children on Christmas Day.

Athlete Experiences
The Gradual Thaw

We can see that in many countries around the world there is a gradual climb towards a more recognisable ...

Refereeing Sport and Education Seminar, Doha - Day 2
Efficiency, Education and Equity

General Secretary of the IJF Mr Jean-Luc Rouge opened day two of the Refereeing Sport and Education Seminar ...

World Championships 2019
The Accreditation Fever

When does a judo competition start? Officially as soon as the first 'hajime' are pronounced by the referees. ...