Judo for Peace
They Are Not Alone

Despite the difficulties and the hardship, Ukrainian children continue to move towards their goals and ...

WJD 2022, Inclusion, Judo for Refugees
WJD 2022: Connected by Judo: Malawi Celebrates Phase One

Dzaleka refugee camp is located not far from Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi.

Judo for Peace
Peace Is in Good Hands in South Africa

On 19th March 2022 we wrote about the visit of Johannes and Regina Daxbacher to Lesotho and South Africa. ...

Judo for Refugees
Connected by Judo: the Kick-Off

On Wednesday 2nd February 2022, at 10:00 a.m. Johannesburg time, the 'Connected by Judo' programme was ...

Judo Celebrates Peace

Every year, since 1981, on 21st September, the international community celebrates the International Day ...

Judo for Refugees
6 Judoka Integrate With the Olympic Refugee Team

Finding out, for an athlete, that he or she will participate in the Olympic Games is always an emotional ...

Judo for Peace Among the Baobabs

The IJF Judo for Peace programme has been present in South Africa since 2017 and has been working incessantly ...

World Refugee Day
Judo Side by Side With Refugees

Today, 20th June, the world is celebrating UNHCR's World Refugee Day, established by the United Nations ...

World Refugee Day
Mohammad Rashnonezhad Hopes for the Best

Mohammad Rashnonezhad has been living in the Netherlands for more than two years.

World Refugee Day
IJF helped Us to have a Future Again

On 20th June, the world will remember that there are millions of refugees across the planet, who had ...

Judo continues to grow in Za'atari

Alaa Qasim Alwadi is the epitome of a respected judo teacher by his students, who are regularly invited ...

#WhiteCard #April6
Eyes full of stars

It happens that your destiny escapes from you and that misfortune falls on you.