Olympism and the Samurai - Coubertin and Kano

In this work by Philippe-Martial Moreau, more than 260 pages are devoted to two men who revolutionised ...

Para Judo
We Have Big Dreams

There are exactly 160 days until the Olympics and 193 days until the Paralympics.

Paris GS 2024
Paris GS 2024: Eyes Full of Stars

The Paris Grand Slam 2024 will leave its mark, that’s for sure.

Paris GS 2024
+100kg: Teddy Riner Sets a New Record with 8 Victories in Paris

This is the category that 15,000 spectators were waiting for and above all he is the champion that everyone ...

Paris GS 2024
-100: Wolf hunts Gold in Paris

Last week in Portugal, we highlighted the great return to the highest level of the double world champion ...

Paris GS 2024
+78kg: Dicko Sets the Tone for the Months Ahead

Number one seed Raz Hershko (ISR) did her job and did it well all the way to the semi-final.

Paris GS 2024
-78kg: Wagner is Just One World Champion Too Many For Bellandi

Current world champion Inbar Lanir (ISR) started the day at the top of the draw sheet, perhaps a prestigious ...

Paris GS 2024
-90: For the Second Time in a Row, Zgank Writes his Name on Top

Mihael Zgank (TUR) is in good form at the moment, to say the least.

Paris GS 2024
-73kg: Japanese and Georgian Styles Clash in a Final of Debutants

This category, full of exciting judoka from several generations, was set to raise the roof of the Bercy. ...

Paris GS 2024
-81kg: Casse of Course

Who to follow today in the -81kg category? It’s a big question to which there are many answers.

Paris GS 2024
-70kg: Butkereit on Top for the First Time

In the -70kg category, the public once again had the opportunity to make their thunderous voices heard. ...

Paris GS 2024
-63kg: Clarisse Wins Her Seventh Gold in Paris

How many times will we repeat that the Paris Grand Slam is a very special and an incomparable tournament? ...