Refereeing Seminar

Follow the EJU refereeing and coaching seminar in Coimbra, Portugal, live.

Tel Aviv GS 2023
A Responsibility to Excel

To be on the World Judo Tour is always really something.

The Scope of Competitive School Judo

This week I attended a regional competition for school children in the UK.

Jerusalem Masters 2022
Rules for Judo and Rules for Life

Florin Daniel Lascau has now spent a year, a whole judo season, spearheading the strategy for refereeing, ...

Judo Pushes Forward Across Africa

The African continent is huge and with its vastness and, in some areas, a lack of robust infrastructure, ...

Veteran Worlds
Effort Supersedes Most Things

Let’s begin from the premise that judo is hard. Let’s also accept that once it gets in your blood, ...

“We Are Part of the Evolution”

Refereeing at an event such as the European Youth Olympic Festival is an honour, one not undertaken lightly ...

Referees from Asia Level Up

On 10th and 11th May 2022 Almaty in Kazakhstan hosted an IJF refereeing seminar ahead of an examination ...

Refereeing: The New Gestures

Together with the new refereeing rules, implemented for the first time on the occasion of Grand Prix ...

Judo: A Living Being

There is always a certain excitement that arises when the doors of a World Judo Tour event open and the ...

Judo Rules - Olympic Cycle 2022-2024

Find below the most updated information about the judo rules (Sport, Education and Medical) for the Olympic ...

IJF Academy
From the IJF Academy to Refereeing

During the last IJF congress, held in Budapest in June 2021, Florin Daniel Lascau moved to form part ...