The Uniqueness of Judo
Artful Fingerprints

We could be guided to believe that the intensity of this end part of Olympic qualification is solely ...

IWD 2024
International Women’s Day is Truly International

It’s a happy day! There is an open friendliness and warmth today, the world over, as all people, men ...

Junior Worlds
The Junior Worlds Heads to Tajikistan

It is important to recognise the federations who are concentrating on growth, especially those doing ...

Junior Worlds
Technical Analysis, Day 3: Preparing for the Top Level

Leandra Freitas competed at the 2006 edition of the junior worlds in the Dominican Republic and a year ...

Junior Worlds
Technical Analysis, Day 1: Experience Above Seeding

The fate of top seeds is observed by all, at every event, in every age category.

Skopje Gets it Right for Their Debut

Twenty-nine nations arrived in one of Europe’s newest countries, North Macedonia, for their first ever ...

Coaches’ Work is Vital at Sergei Judo Camp

The eighth edition of the Sergei Judo Camp is in full swing in Fiesch, in the Swiss Alps.

Judo and Environmental Education at the Heart of the Sergei Judo Camp

The 8th Sergei Judo Camp has just opened in Fiesch, Switzerland in the presence of participants from ...

New Junior Cup Makes a Splash on the Calendar

Eighteen nations arrived in central England over the weekend to compete at Great Britain’s first European ...

The Place to Be

Under the umbrella of the International Judo Federation and Olympic Solidarity (OS), the Sergei Judo ...

Continental Events Live

Follow the continental events of the weekend.