Lisa Allan and Hedvig Karakas Graduated at the Kodokan

As the Tokyo Grand Slam was about to begin, an important event took place at the Kodokan premises in ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
The Vision (10)

As we have seen from a very young age, Kano Jigoro Shihan was attracted to and passionate about education, ...

Kata Worlds 2023
Beyond the Kata

Attending the Kata World Championships Abu Dhabi 2023 means having the chance to see the best specialists ...

Azerbaijani Judoka Made Debut at European Kata Championship and Attended Kodokan Kata Seminar

In an exciting development, Azerbaijani judoka participated in the European Kata Championship for the ...

The Olympic Champion Series
The Olympic Champions (7): Haruki Uemura (JPN)

Interviewing an Olympic champion is something special and always delivers some thought-provoking words ...

The Kodokan Delivers in Slovenia

While #JudoAstana gets underway in Kazakhstan, the Porec Judo Festival continues in Croatia and the African ...

WJC - Doha 2023
Why Do Judoka Bow?

We cannot repeat it enough, judo is more than a sport.

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
A Curious Man (9)

During his first trip to Europe, as we saw, Jigoro Kano never stopped learning and enriching himself ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
The First Trip (8)

The year 1889 marked a turning point in the career and life of Jigoro Kano.

Judo for the world
In the Name of Jita-Kyoei

While the best judoka on the planet competed in the Tbilisi Grand Slam 2023, another major event for ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
A Born Teacher (7)

As judoka, we see Jigoro Kano above all as the founder of our sport and that's normal, as he dedicated ...

Jigoro Kano: Who Was He Really?
The Influences (6)

In order to understand a little more about what prompted Jigoro Kano to found the Kodokan and create ...