IJF Academy Featured in the Kodokan's JUDO Magazine

For the first time in its long, esteemed history, the Kodokan had published an article in English in ...

2020 All Japan Judo Championship
Traditionally Exciting

For all judo enthusiasts and not just the Japanese, the All Japan Judo Championship for Men and Women ...

What really happened on 28th October?

While we have just celebrated the 10th edition of World Judo Day, from which we are still collecting ...

Judo culture
JU NO RI - The Universal Principle of Adaptability

It is not possible to understand what judo is, if we do not perceive what its very essence is: the principle ...

Judo culture
Seiryoku-Zenyo: Ultimately, There is Simplicity

The Seiryoku-Zenyo principle, the best use of energy, is without doubt one of the most important principles ...

Judo culture
Jita kyoei: Let's Raise the Flag of Mutual Aid

Judo is a sport! This is an assertion that no one would dare to deny.

Judo culture
Sensei: The Key Figure

In our article on the dojo, we went over the essential elements that make this place, not just a place ...

Kodokan launched official YouTube channel

The Kodokan Judo Institute recently launched its YouTube channel to offer to the public various Judo ...

Matsushita Saburo Passed Away

We are deeply saddened to announce that Matsushita Saburo, a member of the board of directors of the ...

MURATA Naoki Passed Away

It is with deep sorrow that the Kodokan Institute informed the judo community of the sad news of the ...

Grandson of the Founder of Judo passed away

It is with deep sorrow we inform you that Honorary President of the Kodokan Judo Institute and All Japan ...

Kodokan Exhibition

Kodokan was present at the Paris Grand Slam to display judo as a part of Japanese culture.