With her 83rd place in the world ranking, Reza Gyertyas (HUN) was absolutely not one of the favourites in the category. If for some such a ranking can be disabling, even frightening, this was not the case for her, since the Hungarian judoka qualified brilliantly for the final of the day at -52kg. For this, she eliminated the number one seed, Fabienne Kocher (SUI) in the quarter-final, the latter failing to qualify for the bronze medal contest.
Final, Roza Gyertyas (HUN) vs Kisumi Omori (JPN)

In the semi-final, Gyertyas defeated Ariane Toro Solder (ESP).

Final, Roza Gyertyas (HUN) and Kisumi Omori (JPN)

In the second half of the draw, even further away in the world ranking (103rd), it was Kisumu Omori who persuaded everyone of her calibre by leaving no chance for Léonie Gonzales (FRA), who dreamed of better in Linz, Angelica Delgado (USA), whose fighting spirit we know, and Gultaj Mammadaliyeva (AZE) from the new women's Azerbaijani school, before eliminating Maria Siderot (POR) in the semi-finals.

Bronze medal contest, Gultaj Mammadaliyeva (AZE) vs Ariane Toro Soler (ESP)

The first seconds of the final gave a taste of what the contest might look like, with Kisumu Omori taking the lead with a strong kumi-kata, ready to follow on the ground. Eventually it was with an osoto-gari masterpiece that she propelled Reza Gyertyas on to her back with force, speed and control, a perfect ippon.

Bronze meda contest, Annika Wurfel (GER) vs Maria Siderot (POR)

Annika Wurfel (GER) and Maria Siderot (POR) clashed in the first bout for a bronze medal and the result was quickly known with Siderot taking the advantage with a first waza-ari, to which she added ippon from an immobilisation, giving no chance to Wurfel.

Gultaj Mammadaliyeva (AZE) and Ariane Toro Solder (ESP) fought for their place on the podium. After 28 seconds in golden score, Mammadaliyeva scored a decisive waza-ari to win the bronze medal.

Medals, cheques and gifts were presented by Mr Vlad MARINESCU, Director General of the International Judo Federation, and Mr Abert GMEINER, Vice President of the Austrian Judo Federation

Final (-52 kg)

Bronze Medal Fights (-52 kg)

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