Kirsty Coventry, Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, presented the Athletes’ Declaration on behalf of the Steering Committee to the 133rd IOC Session in Buenos Aires. It was very positively received, and adopted by the IOC Session on behalf of the Olympic Movement to be referenced in the Olympic Charter.
Teddy Riner, Chairman of the IJf Athletes' Commission and Sabrina Filzmoser, member of the IJF Athletes' Commission

More than 4,290 athletes across 190 countries and more than 120 sports disciplines responded to the survey over the summer, and shared their voice, helping to bring this important and exciting initiative to life.

This reach to athletes could only have been done by the commitment of all the actors of the international sports community, working together.

Discover more about the Athletes' Declaration:

The Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration (Athletes’ Declaration) is a historic athlete-driven initiative, developed by athletes and for athletes through a worldwide consultation process. Led by a 20-strong athlete representative Steering Committee, it has been shaped by 4,290 elite athletes from 190 countries and more than 120 sports disciplines.

Its overarching goal is to further support athletes — no matter their sport, age, gender or nationality, by outlining a common set of aspirational rights and responsibilities for athletes within the Olympic Movement. It covers topics such as anti-doping, integrity, clean sport, career, communications, governance, discrimination, due process and protection from harassment and abuse.

A two-stage athlete survey has been at the core of this process − firstly with Athletes’ Commissions and athlete representatives, to obtain in-depth and quality feedback from athlete representatives globally. The results of this first survey shaped the first draft of the Athletes’ Declaration, as well as the second stage survey. Additionally, and in parallel, there has been stakeholder consultation to ensure that the document is meaningful and has a positive impact for athletes globally.

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