The Athletes' Rights and Responsibilities Declaration has been adopted via a unanimous vote by the International Judo Federation. Developed by athletes for athletes, through a worldwide consultation process, reflecting the views of athletes, the declaration is a significant development introduced by the IOC and is already embraced by numerous sports including judo.

The IJF President, Mr Marius Vizer said, "It is essential to recognise that athletes constitute the very essence of our endeavors and initiatives. The chair of the Athletes’ Commission holds a position with voting rights within the Executive Committee, ensuring our proximity to athletes and their objectives. We strive to offer unwavering support for their pursuits and endeavors. The Athletes' Rights and Responsibilities Declaration serves as a crucial instrument for defining and enforcing the rights and responsibilities of athletes and these objectives."

Athletes and their interests are integral to the Olympic Movement as they are to judo values and philosophy. The declaration outlines a common set of aspirational rights and responsibilities for athletes within the Olympic Movement and within the jurisdiction of its members. It is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other internationally recognised human rights standards, principles and treaties.

All members of the Olympic Movement, particularly the International Olympic Committee, the International Sports Federations and the National Olympic Committees, will strive to promote respect for these rights and responsibilities. They are encouraged to develop mechanisms for effective remedies relating to these rights and responsibilities and athletes are encouraged to make use of these mechanisms.

The Athletes' Rights and Responsibilities Declaration thus details the rights and responsibilities of athletes. Sabrina Filzmoser, the IJF Athletes' Commission chair said, "It is an important milestone for us, the athletes. By giving a clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the athletes, it allows us to practise sport and compete without being subject to discrimination of any kind, to play fairly and to have access to relevant information, education, incomes and more, while protecting us mentally and physically.

Being an athlete means also being responsible, playing according to the IOC Code of Ethics while complying with applicable national laws. In judo, based on our moral code, we are happy to contribute to the global responsibility of sport and the Olympic Movement."

The athletes are at the centre of all development. By signing the declaration, the whole judo community is ready to create the conditions of fair play and of a better world.

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