The list of new veteran world champions and medallists is growing longer by the hour as the World Championships for Veterans continues in Poland. The photo gallery is expanding, the records are updating and there is no sign of the skill level of pace dropping. Here are all the medallists from the M7 and M9 categories.

No matter who they fought or the result of each match, they are brothers in arms and the group photos show that clearly. Anthems and medal-winning nations are diverse and wide-spread and there is still a day and a half to go.

Support from the tribune has been vocal throughout, vocal and impassioned. The atmosphere comes from their lead, both serious and fun, full of character and surprises.

Here are the medallists from the M1 and M3 categories.

We are looking forward to the remainder of the competition, filling the Tauron Arena for a few more hours on day three and with day 4 still to follow. You can keep up with all the action via

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