Athlete Stories
From Veterans to Seniors

In September 2022, Audacio Cambamba became the first ever gold medallist for Angola at any world judo ...

Closing the Veteran Worlds to Make Way for the Next Kata Champions

After 4 days of high level judo from the world’s best veteran judoka, 30 different countries have heard ...

Veteran Worlds
Effort Supersedes Most Things

Let’s begin from the premise that judo is hard. Let’s also accept that once it gets in your blood, ...

Veteran worlds
Being Part of the Group

The list of new veteran world champions and medallists is growing longer by the hour as the World Championships ...

Veteran worlds: athlete stories
Charly Mo

Every person competing at the Tauron Arena in Krakow this week has a back story.

Veteran Worlds: Athlete Stories
A Golden Heart and a Judo Scooter

The veteran worlds is full of interesting and extraordinary people who travel here from all around the ...

Veteran Worlds: Athlete Stories
Opportunity Versus Effort

On this super Saturday we shall introduce to you a judoka who travelled for 60 hours to reach Krakow, ...

Veteran Worlds
The Veterans World Championship is Officially Open

Krakow has done a wonderful job of organising the 2022 World Championships for Veterans, with local organisers, ...

Veteran Worlds
Friendship for Minutes and for Decades

In Krakow, Poland, over 900 veteran judoka have gathered for their world championships, a world championships ...

Veteran Worlds
Highlighting the Right Elements

Krakow is the host city for the 2022 World Championships Veterans and with 900 athletes across 4 busy ...

Medical Commission Statement: World Championships Veterans

A primary concern of the IJF is that all policies and procedures, at all levels, provide an environment ...

Check list for the Krakow World Veterans and Kata Championships 2022

Download the check list for the Krakow World Veterans & Kata Championships 2022