Slavisa Bradic has celebrated the successful completion of his doctoral studies, earning a PhD from the University of Hertfordshire. The graduation ceremony was held at St Alban’s Cathedral, UK.

Dr Bradić is well known as a teacher with the IJF Academy, a director of the IJF Military and Police Commission and a respected kata expert, as the EJU Kata Commission head.

His ground-breaking research delved into the profound intersections between judo and morality for school children, under the guidance of Professor Mike Callan, member of the IJF Scientific Committee and Professor of Judo Education at the University of Hertfordshire.

Bradic's thesis, titled ‘Judo as a Method of Moral and Psychological Development,’ represents a significant contribution to the understanding of the broader impacts of judo beyond physical fitness.

Through rigorous investigation and scholarly inquiry, Dr Bradic explored how judo practice contributes to emotional regulation and also the historical context of morality in judo. He defended his thesis to the examiners: Dr Lisa Bradley of Queen’s University Belfast and Dr Stephen Pack of the University of Hertfordshire.

The culmination of his academic journey was celebrated during a prestigious ceremony attended by distinguished guests from the International Judo Federation (IJF) Academy, Envic Galea and Dr Tibor Kozsla, whose presence as VIP guests of the university underscored the global significance of Bradic's research and its potential implications for the wider judo community.

Professor Mike Callan, his mentor and supervisor, commended his dedication, intellectual rigour and pioneering spirit throughout the research process. "Slavisa's work exemplifies the transformative power of academic inquiry. His exploration of judo's role in moral and psychological development provides new evidence for the development of judo in schools and will have a profound impact on society."

Bradic's doctoral journey reflects the University of Hertfordshire's vision to transform lives and a commitment to facilitating innovative research to address contemporary challenges, advancing knowledge across a range of disciplines. His achievement stands as a symbol of the university's unwavering support for aspiring scholars, also supporting the Memorandum of Understanding between the university and the IJF Academy to provide judoka with the highest standards of educational and academic excellence.

As Bradic embarks on the next chapter of his academic and professional journey, his research promises to inspire further scholarships, enriching our understanding of the moral aspects of judo and the transformative potential of judo practice. As Envic Galea, Director of the IJF Academy, underlined, "The IJF Academy now has its first doctor. That's an important milestone in the development of the institution."

Source: Professor Mike Callan and IJF Academy

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