The individual World Championships are not over yet as everyone already talks a lot about the team tournament that will take place on September 27, in the Azerbaijan capital. Beyond knowing who will succeed Japan, winner last year in Budapest, the issue that burns all the lips is related to the joint and historical participation of the two Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea) : how will it work?
Both delegations at the end of the meeting.

To discuss the logistics inherent in this joint participation, a meeting was held in the stadium, between Mr. Cho Yong-Chul, Vice President of the Judo Federation of South Korea and Mr. Pak Hak Yong, Secretary General of the Judo Federation of North Korea.

It was in a particularly relaxed and friendly atmosphere that the exchanges took place, in the presence of Dr. Lisa Allan (Competition Manager and Ijf Executive Committee Member) who explained: "It is important to discuss all the details and find the best possible procedure to allow both federations to participate under unified colors with COR as the country code. We also discussed in detail the procedure for selecting athletes from both countries. I must say that everything has gone wonderfully well and everyone is showing a real determination to do well."

Athletes from both delegation training together in the warmup area

For the representatives of the two delegations, this grand premiere is an important moment that will mark the world sport: "We are happy to participate in this important history page for our two countries. This team competition is a beautiful symbol of peace," Pak Hak Yong and Cho Yong-Chul explained together. As evidence of this beautiful agreement, just as officials from both countries gathered, athletes from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea were training together in the warm-up area of the World Judo Championships to prepare the team tournament.

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