Judo as an Olympic Sport is more than a sport. It is a way to educate the youth of the world and to teach them values and skills for life, to build a better society.

Judo helps to empower women and brake barriers, despite the cultural differences. As Olympic and World Champion, Paula Pareto (ARG) says: “I believe that sport changes society.“

The International Judo Federation is committed to gender equality and more over to gender equity, which fosters inclusiveness, respect and guaranties the safety of the communities across the globe.

Triple World Champion and Olympic medallist, Gevrise Emane FRA, says: “Judo is a way of expressing everything you feel in life.“

Prior to the 2019 World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, the IJF will organise its second Gender Equity conference ‘Together we are Stronger’, an initiative of the Gender Equity Commission led by Dr. Lisa Allan. On that special occasion, representatives from all over the world will gather together to share their respective experiences.

The IJF will take that opportunity to officially launch its dedicated hashtag #GirlsLoveJudo, which is meant to be shared on the five continents to show that judo can help to “Make the most of every opportunity in life, and believe in your dreams because they will happen“ (Rafaela Silva, BRA, World and Olympic Champion).

Judo leads the way.

Together we are stronger.

Programme of the 2nd Gender Equity Conference

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