For several weeks we have been receiving hundreds of artworks, made by children from around the world, to illustrate the 8 fundamental values of the moral code of Judo.

The competition took place amid the unique global health conditions that we all now understand. This was felt in many of the contributions, but aren't children the sponges of everything that's going on around them?

The competition ended just a few days ago and we now need to analyse all the contributions. We already want to thank you for your inspiring participation and we offer here some drawings chosen at random from all those sent to us, as well as the comments attached to them.

On 1st June there will be an official draw to choose the winning drawings, but we can already tell you that it is the values of judo that have won.


SIWAR LAROUR – 11 France

Friendship between all for a better world.

Cloe Vailati – 13 Italy

I decided to draw this subject because the first thing I was taught by the judo master is the break falls. In judo it happens many times to fall and to get up, as in life and I think it is an act of courage to get up and go forward with your head held high rather than to fall and stay on the ground. Furthermore, in this particular period the world must get up and start fighting again.

Leticia Bottiger Holub – 7 Brazil

Because the little ones can also win, not just the big ones. I am very happy to participate in this contest, thank you!.

Luca Francisco Bevacqua – 10 Argentina

Self-control will lead us to control COVID-19. We must not be desperate!!! Everything will be fine since we will be able to control the pandemic and overcome this difficult test !!!

Sean How Kee – 12 Australia

Honour is to me respecting my Sensei and using judo wisely, to honour sensei’s from the past and present.

Chiharu – 8 Australia

Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for having me in the competition. I enjoyed my drawing and thinking of my judo friends. We all miss going on the mats but are still connected in our hearts. I am doing my training everyday to keep myself fit to be ready for dojo lessons on the mats! Thank you once again for organising this drawing competition. Judo reminds me of living in courage and strength. I am a polite person and I adore to see this quality in other people. Kind regards, Chiharu.

Juan Andrés Campo- 10 Venezuela

‘Do not judge a man by the number of times he falls, but by the number of times he rises.’ - Dr. Jigoro Kano

Gabrielyan Henri – 10 Armenia

Because I always thanks my father for taking me to a judo club.

Dweezil- 10 Bulgaria

Judo has given me the courage to approach other people and to touch them as I struggle with this, it has helped me overcome my fear of being hurt. I have made good friends from my club, normally I struggle to make friends as I have anxiety and am afraid but judo has helped me.

Gabrielyan Isahak – 12 Armenia

Because in judo everyone is friendly no matter where in the world you are.

Dora Letonia- 13 Croatia

She won 2nd place but she congratulates the winner of the competition and is still happy. We have to be happy with other success and must not be jelaous to other success.

Matei Creanga - 11 Romania

On the left side I draw the wrong way of Judo - not modesty. On the right side I draw how the judoka should act when they win - with modesty.

Enzo – 9 France

My name is Enzo, I’m 9 years old (soon to be 10) and I’ve been doing judo for 5 years. I made this drawing which represents my judo which I practice in my club. We are above all friends with whom I share the same values. We learn to love ourselves and respect ourselves and learn to become future adults. I hope you like my drawing because I like it. I will even frame it and put it next to my medals and the moral code of judo. See you soon. ENZO ”

Esther- 9 Brazil

I Believe that we must respect all the people and all the Nature of the World!

Cavaglia Marika- 12 Italy

This is what I would like to do with this virus right now ... because it has distanced me from the people dear to me but above all from judo. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in your competition .. together we will make it!!!

Vladimir Ivanov – 13 Russia

I think, that honour is most importantly than gold medal for any athlete!

Sarah patel- 10 India

I drew this to show respect to our Senseis, Judo Gi , the opponent and to the Judo mat. Thank you for the opportunity. Judo is life

Jorge Luis Chaca Astudillo – 5 Ecuador

I like to share time with my friends at training and to play. I really like this activity because children can show their creativity.

Alise Evelina Toca – 13 Latvia

I drew this, because I wanted to represent how important Judo core values are in every day of our lives.


The coronavirus is the enemy of the planet. It took away our freedom, life and ... Judo. We have to defeat him. Judoka have the courage to challenge him to fight. GO AWAY, Coronavirus!

Mahir Busic – 12 - Bosnia Herzegovina

Bridges are not just ordinary buildings, they connect shores, people and build friendships. Judo is the biggest bridge of friendship, which breaks down all obstacles, clears all boundaries and breaks disputes. I am proud to be a part of that bridge.

Albert Mendieta – 10 Ecuador

I choose respect because I´m a long-haired boy, and many of my judo companions would make fun of me for that and tell me I´m a woman. My sensei helped me through these moments, and now they understand better who I am, they don´t bully me anymore. It was a great lesson of respect for me and for them.

Sandra Wierzbicka – 12 Poland

I drew this picture because I would like to show what rules I follow. I believe that everything I drew proves I am a good judoka. I am sending this picture to you because I hope I will be an inspiration for others. I drew what I have learned. Judo isn’t only a technique, it is a lifestyle, a type of personality that allow me to be proud of myself. This drawing shows that judo is present all over the world. I love judo!

Nezihe Duru Kaya - 9 Turkey

Judo is my life. I love judo. The covid-19 pandemic has badly affected our lives. ı wanted to explain them with a picture.

Ines Picado Pombeiro - 9 Portugal

I drew because Judo taught me to value friendship and mutual assistance between all my colleagues, despite the differences between them and me.

Kelemen Istvan Bendeguz – 8 Hungary

My uncles Attila&Miklos my favorite judo players.

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