IJF President Mr. Marius L. Vizer held his first Twitter Q&A session of the year on Sunday following the second day of the Paris Grand Slam. Find below the full transcript.

@MariusVizer: Good evening everyone. I hope you have enjoyed #JudoParis2019 I'm here to answer your questions for the next hour. Submit your q by using #AskVizer

@Duncan_ITG #AskVizer How important will this year's IJF World Championships in Tokyo be in helping ensure that next year's Olympic Games stages a successful judo event?

@MariusVizer: It is a preliminary event to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, in the same location, where the 1964 Olympics took place and where the next OG will be. All the judoka community will attend with high enthusiasm the World Championships and I'm convinced it will be spectacular. At the same time it will also be a test event for the Olympic Games.

@danpsport: Hi Marius - has the IJF taken any decisions regarding this question I asked previously? [Athletes who lose all their contests in the team event still being eligible for a medal] Thanks for doing these Q&As #AskVizer #judo

@MariusVizer: At the moment it's difficult to find a regulation how to exclude a member of the team. Even if they lose a number of contests. IMO it's a member of the team & you cannot pick an individual punishment. If you have a suggestion please let us know. Thanks for the comment. You're welcome for the Q&A's.

@lavidajudoka: @MariusVizer Mr. Vizer, what are your thoughts on the Tel Aviv Grand Prix in terms of planning, preparation, and execution? From my viewpoint it was a great event! #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: The Tel Aviv GP was one of our best events in recent times. A part of this was the great organization and the spectacular atmosphere which gave a high value to the competition. There was a fantastic relationship between fans and the judoka. #AskVizer

@mjdo27: #AskVizer Do you think it's time for France to host another edition of the World Championships?

@MariusVizer: Why not. France is great at organising such events and in the future we can consider this in Paris again of course according to the interests and strategy of @ffjudo_officiel. #AskVizer

@mjdo27: #AskVizer By changing the team event format to mixed teams, is it less competitive? Japan look unchallenged next year.

@MariusVizer: Theoretically it looks like but in judo anything is possible, there a lot of nations who believe in their chances. #AskVizer

@PuroWorld: What are your expectations for the World Championships in Japan? #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: To have a great World Championships with a lot of enthusiasm from judoka, spectators, media and sponsors. And of course a big competition between the top judo nations. #AskVizer

@PuroWorld: Will we see the ijf hold any ne-waza events in the future? #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: Probably yes, we are studying that. #AskVizer

@milanmiracle: Mr. @MariusVizer good day sir, Anthony Carelli here, I hope all is well. Have there been talks about reintroducing attacks which include a single leg? #AskVizer looking forward to seeing you in #Canada this year! @JudoCanada @JudoOntario @IntJudoFed #judo @MariusVizer: At the moment our interest is to consolidate the present rules and methodology of the judo training. I hope to be in Canada and I hope you and your family are doing well Anthony. #AskVizer #AskVizer

@Garmamie: Two part question for #AskVizer. Will you be at the #Montreal Judo Grand Prix 2019? Will the #IJF also consider putting on future #Judo tournaments in other #Canadian cities? @JudoCanada

@MariusVizer: I hope to be there. Canada is a very important judo nation for the IJF with high a potential. I hope to have continuity in organising great events in Canada. #AskVizer

@Garmamie: #AskVizer, as president of the #IJF what is the most challenging aspect of your job? What is the most rewarding? @MariusVizer: The most challenging is to do always better & better. The most rewarding part is to give 100's of thousands of people who do judo the right education and the chance to be champions in life. #AskVizer

@Garmamie: #AskVizer, what is the #IJF's audience development strategy for the North American market, particular with "millennials and generation z" ?

@MariusVizer: At the moment, Canada is very involved in the judo development, making a lot of effort and being successful on the IJF tour. We will utilise this. This contrasts to USA, a country with huge potential, but not doing the same.

@gonzalosise: #AskVizer Who do you think will be the most impressive judoka performance during this year on 60/66Kg?

@MariusVizer: I appreciate all judoka and it would be unfair to be subjective in an evaluation of these weights. We have a lot of good judoka who are very close in terms of capacity to each other. They will have to make the difference themselves. #AskVizer

@PuroWorld: How can I buy tickets for the World Championships In Japan? #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: Hello, tickets for Tokyo 2019 will go on sale in April and we will make a story about this closer to the time with full details. #AskVizer

@szandra63: Good Evening Mr. President @MariusVizer. We saw 2 athletes representing Jamaica at the IJF World Tour for the first time this weekend. What are your thoughts on the development of judo on the Island so far? #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: We have since last period a strategy of how to support some of the Caribbean Islands and Jamaica is one of them where IJF supports totally the participation of the Jamaican judoka in IJF events. #AskVizer

@szandra6: @MariusVizer Also, what other additional IJF programs can Jamaica get involved with? #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: Judo in the schools is perfect. Please follow up with us #AskVizer

@Mongoljudo: How to make champions or judo heroes as role models for society?

@MariusVizer: Educating our athletes not only for judo but as well for the society using the judo values for the education and integration in the society. #AskVizer

@necks01: It's was amazing to See both Teddy and Neil honoured this weekend. It was also nice to see Sebastian Coe in the audience he has been a big supporter of our amazing Sport.

@MariusVizer: It was a great honour as always for IJF to have @sebcoe attend #JudoParis2019 and it means a lot that he says the next sport for him after athletics is judo, #AskVizer

@tomer_ilan: Just want to thank you for fighting against anti-Israel discrimination.

@MariusVizer: I will do that always for all nations involved in judo #AskVizer

@fatearfightgear: Sir, looking at the female heavy weight judo today is it time to add an additional weight class for those athletes that are very much over the 78kg ? #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: We are studying this case #AskVizer

@LMorgan21: What progress has the IJF made regarding the Tunis Grand Prix, which was suspended last year because of Tunisia’s treatment of Israeli athletes? Has Tunisia provided any guarantees it won’t discriminate against Israel? When will the event be reinstated? #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: We are continuing the discussion with the Tunisian side. We don't give up. As soon as they can follow our request, the event will be reinstated #AskVizer

@Mongoljudo: Do you know how many Judokas or members of judo family around the world? #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: More than 40 million people practice judo around the world #AskVizer

@twoods250: #AskVizer Hi, what is your opinion of world number one Saeid Mollaei of Iran losing on purpose to world 209 Ruslan Mussayev to avoid a match against Israel’s Sagi Muki. This appears to be the third time Mollaei has done this in recent tournaments.

@MariusVizer: We will seriously analyse the case because it's not easy to explain from the methodological point of view how the athlete lost the contest. It's a very complex situation. TBH, a part of the sport impact sometimes in the life you have to consider a lot of different aspects. The risk and the precaution for the family members and himself. The contradiction between the wish of our athletes and the system where he belongs. As well you know well that as an individual to break a system, especially in his country, it's nearly impossible. From a sport and fairness POV, we will soon analyse the situation being convinced to find the fairest solution. #AskVizer @twoods250: Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. All the best with this tricky situation

@MariusVizer: You're welcome. We have solved in the past a lot of difficult situations which a lot of sports are confronted with. I hope to do the same in this case #AskVizer

@JudoLink: Mr. @MariusVizer good change to have technical scores deciding a match, but a yuko is not waza-ari, is it possible to bring numeric score assignment (Yuko: 2, waza-ari: 5)? Also when can we expect to to bring back leg grab attacks? #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: We picked this solution to simplify the score and to make judo more understandable for the people. You will always have in the reality a yuko close to waza-ari, or a waza-ari close to ippon or vice versa. #AskVizer

@michael_pavitt: .@MariusVizer International Mixed Martial Arts Federation were denied recognition by @gaisf_sport this week. Do you agree with the decision and do sports like mixed martial arts represent a threat to judo's popularity + do you fear athletes could switch to the sport #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: I wouldn't like to comment on that. I can only say that I appreciate all the sports which have as a priority the development of the physical and spiritual nature without effecting the body, mind and integrity of the opponent #AskVizer

@SADR270276: #JeSuisSADR Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. So what if you #AskVizer before or after #JudoParis2019? He won't answer anyway....

@MariusVizer: All judo nations can take part in our events in Morocco. It's no problem for us and for them #AskVizer

@SADR270276: Thank you sir #AskVizer, much appreciated!

@cubadepor: @MariusVizer Después de haberse celebrado dos Grand Prix en La Habana, cuándo podemos volver a tener un evento como este o un mundial en @cubadepor #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: When the government will really support with more interest the organisation of a new event then we can talk about a return to Cuba #AskVizer

@RandoriPT: #AskVizer @MariusVizer.At this moment there are huge competitions that give points in tour(IJF tour/continental Open),but you need to protect the local organizers of the events in the IJF tour in order to ensure a good participation and level, what will be the plan for the future.

@MariusVizer: In my opinion the European Open events, for example, have to be a target for the strong club level athletes. #AskVizer

@MariusVizer: @nadiacomaneci10 said "It's great to be back at Bercy.. the place that I competed at many years ago.... to celebrate the best of the best in judo." I thank Nadia for her attendance and I thank you all for your interest in our sport. #AskVizer

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