Vladimir Barta is the IJF Head Sport Director. During the Paris 2024 Games, he will also occupy another position. He was in Paris for the test event and shared his impressions with us.

"I am here in Paris for the test event, as a technical delegate, in the same capacity as Jean-Luc Rougé. The appointment of the delegates is the responsibility of the international federation. I believe that the most important aspect of this test event is that it offers the possibility for testing all the systems that will allow us to have a very high level competition next year. Some systems are in fact different from those we use on the World Judo Tour, so it is important to check everything, so as not to encounter any difficulties during the Games.

Vladimir Barta

The collaboration between the technical teams of the IJF and the organisation is very good. Everything is going perfectly. Usually it does, but it's nice to be able to test everything.

This explains why the set of this test event is basic in terms of decoration, for example, because it is not the subject of this test. Planning is crucial and presents some challenges. During these two days we have been able to clarify everything and that is very good.

It must be said that we are in constant contact with the organising committee. We have a lot of meetings during these months. We can also rely on the great professionalism of the organisers and the local experience.

I am confident for next year. France knows how to organise a judo event and we can rely on this knowledge.

I must add that the young athletes, who competed here, were amazing and we must thank them for their comitment and behaviour, which were incredible."

Armen Bagdasarov is one of the IJF Head Refereeing Directors. Sitting mat-side and supervising the refereeing, he had his own vision of the test event, "Yesterday and today I saw several national federations being present in the vicinities of the venue. They are all here to see what the Olympic Games will look like. I think it is important to get that feeling as it will help them to be ready.

For us, the refereeing commission, it was of course important as well to feel the atmosphere as we will be working for eight days here, next year. For us it's usual business. With our impressive World Judo Tour, we are used to organising events, so there isn’t a big difference but even a small difference is important. Details are crucial during the Olympics.

Armen Bagdasarov

I must say that everything went really well in Paris. We had no issue and no problem and this is a good sign."

Mohamed Meridja is a key person as well. As IJF Education and Coaching Director, he supervises one important sector: judogi control. Mr Meridja said, "Local people have great experience and some of them already participated in several Olympic Games. They know the job and it is really nice to work with them.

In recent months, we have changed some of the rules, so this test event gave us the opportunity to clarify everything with the organisers. We had no problem at all. Everything was smooth.

Mohamed Meridja

I must also say that I am really pleased with the behaviour of the athletes and coaches who participated in the event. They were really respectful. They are still young athletes, but it's a good sign for the future."

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