Name of program: Physical Education and Judo Number of schools: 6 Number of children: 500 Founding year: 2018 Founder(s) program: IJF, Moldavian Judo Federation, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldova

About the program

In 2018, we started the project "Physical Education and Judo" as a compulsory school discipline for children in their first classes. The program was officially recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldova.

Today, the society has forgotten the rules of conduct, human values ​​and a healthy way of life. Children and young people spend a lot of time at school. Hence, the Moldavian Judo Federation started with the idea of introducing Judo to primary schools to make the society a little better with the help of the judo philosophy.Judo is a sport of rhythm, coordination, balance, strength, acrobatic - we learn to 'dance judo.

The program runs throughout the school year from September to June, twice a week for 45 minutes. At the end of the school year, we organize a mini- competition with different games. Both, the instructor and parents see how children easily integrate and act in a constant group, overcome shyness and show courage. In order to make a significant contribution to the physical and social-emotional development of a child, we make judo lessons both in the sport hall and in the classroom.


Our dream and goal is to promote and develop this judo project successfully in several schools in the country, so that more children can grow stronger and healthier

Additional support next to IJF

Moldavian Judo Federation

Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldova


  • Spread Judo Code
  • Safe School Environment
  • Friendship and self-control


  • Judo mats at all schools
  • Judo part of the curriculum of Physical education Program in the country.
  • Year-round program

Best practices

  • Collaboration

We establish collaborative relationships with local authorities and school institutions. This supports us to promote judo in more cultural and sport events in our country.

  • Seminars

Our Judo Federation organizes many seminars and practical sessions for judo coaches in order to find trainers for this particular project. Finding good trainers is the biggest challenge. Not everyone can and has the ability to work with children in primary schools and to “teach judo” through games in a funny way, not only competitively.

  • Self-discovery

We believe that children learn the most when they can express their energy throughout sport. Although, we live in the age of multimedia communication, many young people / children are lonely, more sensitive, both physically and mentally, and friendships are virtual. Through judo, the children discover themselves, learn to become acquainted and accept as they are, learn to assume complexes by recognizing them, thus making the first step towards their mastery whilst succeeding in overcoming barriers of communication with others. The program is built around the values of judo with elements and procedures from the following types of sports: gymnastics, athletics, basketball, football and more. We are proud that our students are enjoying every judo lessons. They are more confident, communicative, physically strong and flexible. The parents are delighted with the children's activity

  • Exam

At the end of every school year, we organize exams. The 7-year-old children take an exam for a white-yellow belt, 8 -year-old children for yellow belt, 9-year-old children for yellow-orange belt and so on. Exams are adapted to children's abilities; the emphasis is on the knowledge of basic ukemi, basic skills and discipline. The higher the rank of the exam, the higher their knowledge of judo techniques. Belt exams are a nice presentation for the parents too. They can see their child’s progression throughout the year. Belts exams take place in competitive judo halls, which is a great way for children to get used to the bigger halls. This way they will have an easier transition in case they decide to proceed with competitive judo after elementary school.

“JUDO – our lifestyle.”

If you are interested to know more about Judo in Schools in Republiuc of Moldova, please contact the project manager:

Contact person:

Neagu Igor
Email address: [email protected]
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