The International Judo Federation is pleased to release the second episode (Omar Danga Loum of Senegal) of its new series of films on the legends of judo, who are above all builders of what our sport has become today. Whether they are or have been great champions, referees, and/or great leaders of world judo…, they have all contributed to making judo a major player in international sport. Over the coming weeks, the IJF will release the videos of these exclusive interviews and will unveil the messages that these personalities have to offer us.

Judo provides the discipline to allow the African to do better and to do more.

Omar Danga Loum is one of those legends of the judo world who we had a great pleasure to meet during the summer. Sitting under a 'talking tree', a symbol of openness to others and exchange, he welcomed us in his native country, Senegal, to tell us about his passion for his country, his continent and for judo.

Omar Danga Loum has dedicated his life to sport and its development. Born in 1946, he has been a member of the Senegalese Judo Federation since 1969, former president of the same federation and he was Secretary General of the African Judo Union for 25 years. He thus assisted and actively participated in the rise of judo, not only in Senegal, but throughout the continent. Today, a member of the IJF Veterans Commission, he continues to work for judo at the world level (the next Veterans World Championships will take place from September 30th to October 3rd 2017 in Olbia, Italy - More information: http: //

With a lot of poetry and passion, Omar Danga Loun spoke about Senegal and its people who are open to others, and who love unity and solidarity. He told us about the African spirit and how judo can support social development on his ancestral land as well as throughout the world. Convinced that the sport is an absolute therapy for the individual and for the society, he invites us to share with joy his passion for the human race.

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