Danish students are getting to grips with judo after the IJF funded a successful three-month programme at eight elementary schools across the Scandinavian country.

The creation of the programme was met with great enthusiasm all over the country and for some schools and local clubs this is the beginning of a lasting relationship.

The children trained with coaches from local clubs while the mats and judogi were provided by the IJF. The program is already an overwhelming success and will continue with several more schools signed up for the spring of 2017.

According to representatives from the schools, the children are very enthusiastic about the experience and some schools have already initiated talks with the local clubs to continue the cooperation and to enable children to practice judo at their school as a subsidiary training facility for the club.

Martin Kirkhammer, President of Danish Judo, said: “This school project is a great way for us to demonstrate the qualities of judo to a significant number of children, teachers and parents. The best way to understand all the amazing aspects of judo is to try it yourself and we are so grateful to the IJF for the initiative. This type of cooperation is a very strong tool in the ongoing process of propagating judo in Denmark.” 

Karina Sørensen, Danish Judo Developmental Consultant, said: “It has a significant impact on their motivation and enthusiasm that they get to look like real judoka from the beginning. It also seems to increase the learning potential that the children through such highly visible means are entering a world, which is new, different and exciting,” 

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