Just prior to the World Judo Championships - Doha 2023, Latvia celebrated the continuous development of their Judo in Schools programme.

Pupils from primary schools were admitted to the National Training Center of the Latvian Judo Federation (LJF) as part of the project ‘Sport Whole Class.’ The tour and practical master class were led by LJF President Vsevolods Zeļonijs, together with the project co-ordinator Agris Draviņš.

The young athletes got acquainted with the history of judo, the code, norms of behaviour in the dojo and on the tatami, and also practised the breakfall technique (ukemi). LJF expresses its gratitude to the primary school teachers for their collaboration.

Since 2018, the LJF, in co-operation with the International Judo Federation and the Latvian Olympic Committee, has been implementing a sports and education Judo in schools programme for primary aged children, where young athletes get to know the sport of judo, develop their physical and mental qualities, learn to fall safely and form lasting good habits in sport.

Latvia is already investing in the next generation. Some of the children might become champions, others will become teachers, referees or sport leaders. One thing is sure, that they will all discover judo, make friends and get better at school by improving their concentration. Ultimately they will become better citizens, as per Jigoro Kano's dream.

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