In this time of global pandemic, the International Judo Federation has taken the steps to coordinate a great initiative of international solidarity, to help Africa. Based on the principle of mutual aid and welfare and thanks to the involvement of the whole judo family, donations will be collected in order to provide masks to those who need them most. A first programme is already underway in Zambia, in southern Africa, where thousands of masks, locally produced by dedicated people, are distributed. Every single dollar collected will be invested in the protection of the population.

As the Covid-19 pandemic keeps spreading, threatening more and more people, Africa is on the front line and will suffer severely.

Judo family gets mobilised 1$ = 1 MASK


Chafik Elkettani (Member of the IJF medical commission, in charge of the fight against Covid-19 in Casablanca, Morocco) declared, “All the means which reduce the projection of secretions (saliva, postillions and more) are effective at reducing the risk of contamination from others."

The equation is simple. For each dollar collected, the International Judo Federation, through the mission of the Judo for Peace commission, will equip the most vulnerable ones with protective masks, made of fabric and made locally.

Based on the findings of the best experts and bearing in mind the motto of judo, 'Mutual Welfare and Benefit' (Jita Kyoei), the IJF is launching a programme to provide aid to the populations who need it most, as they do not have access to the most basic protection methods.

In a first phase, in partnership with the Zambian Judo Association, the Zambian National Olympic Committee and at the request of the Head of State, SH. Edgar Lungu, mask distributions have started in this region of Southern Africa.

The distribution operations are accompanied by a policy of raising public awareness of the use of masks, the rules of basic hygiene and respect for social distancing, which are part of the barrier gestures recommended by the highest medical authorities, scientists and politicians.

You too can participate in this warm surge of international solidarity, where the contribution of each person will help towards overcoming this pandemic. Each dollar collected will be donated in its entirely to finance the production and distribution of the masks, without administrative and or international transportation costs.

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