Vlad Marinescu is the Director General of the International Judo Federation. Working closely with President Marius Vizer, he is at the heart of the IJF machine and has been contributing to its strategic development for years. He explains to us why judo is a necessity and an obligation for everyone.

"Let's be straight, I want every woman on Earth to be able to do judo. In a world that is more and more demanding, in terms of time, psychology and performance, we understand and see that judo establishes the foundations for stronger, more independent, more reliable and more respected people.

The self confidence established by the practice of judo, combined with the physical experience, multiplied by the values instilled by our educational sport, is the perfect formula for happier people, all people, men and women.

I personally attended the Saudi Arabian Games and to see women competing, to see their attitude, their strength and power, facilitated by judo, was amazing. I could feel that our sport empowered them with the freedom of self-expression, without the fear of any dogma, which can suppress women.

On Women's Day we not only celebrate women in sport, we want to propose more judo to more women, especially in the countries where tradition may have discouraged it in the past.”

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