Dear children, it's Thursday and on Thursdays we like to offer new content for you to keep enjoying judo and to keep practising and learning.

Today we have two new techniques that we are sure you will enjoy. As you know, in judo, you must aim for the ippon for a clear victory. You can win with amazing throwing movements but also on the ground. So let's watch a bit of katame-waza today.

Officially, there are 10 osaekomi-waza (pinning techniques) in the classification, used to pin a supine opponent to the mat, generally from the side or diagonally, to inhibit their freedom of movement and prevent uke from rising.

袈裟固 - kesa-gatame

崩袈裟固 - kuzure-kesa-gatame

後袈裟固 - ushiro-kesa-gatame

肩固 - kata-gatame

上四方固 - kami-shiho-gatame

崩上四方固 - kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame

横四方固 - yoko-shiho-gatame

縦四方固 - tate-shiho-gatame

浮固 - uki-gatame

裏固 - ura-gatame

Watch KATA-GATAME by #JudoKids:

Watch URA-GATAME by #JudoKids

Also, discover how our champions are using these techniques in competition.

Sabrina Filzmoser (AUT), our IJF Climate Ambassador, applies ura-gatame in competitions: CLICK HERE

2018 Wold Champion Saeid Mollaei (MGL) performed kata-gatame: CLICK HERE

Now it’s your turn to practise again and again.

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