The largest multi-sport event in the Americas, the Pan American Games 2023, is going on in Santiago, Chile. Over 9,000 athletes from across the continent are competing in 39 sports, with Olympic sports contested in 25 disciplines, including judo.
Gabriel Boric and Carlos Zegarra Presser

In the vibrant setting of the National Stadium Park, during the second day of the event, the focus shifted entirely to the emotions at play. Amidst thrilling contests and an atmosphere charged with sporting passion, the presence of the President of the Republic of Chile, Gabriel Boric, stood out.

Accompanied by Mr Carlos Zegarra Presser, President of the PJC (Panamerican Judo Confederation), the head of state immersed himself in the intensity of the judo in the women's categories of -63kg and -70kg, as well as the men's divisions of -73kg and -81kg.

The attendance of Chile’s president, combined with the commitment of the PJC, underscores the significance and prestige of these Pan American Games, not only as a renowned sporting event but also as an opportunity to celebrate the competitive spirit and achievements of participants from across the region.

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