The International Judo Federation President, Mr. Marius Vizer, paid an important visit to the Dominica Republic. Following a busy schedule, the IJF President, who was accompanied by Mr. Juan Carlos Barcos, IJF Head refereeing director, had the opportunity to meet with the national Judo Federation executives, as well as with the representatives of the Ministries of Sports and Education and with the National Olympic Committee.

The International Judo Federation President proposed to the Dominican Government to establish a collaboration agreement to promote the development of judo throughout the country, while Mr. Vizer praised the policy of the government and especially of the Ministry of Sports and Recreations (MIDEREC) led by Mr. Danilo Diaz Vizcaíno, to refurbish sporting facilities throughout the national territory. 

During a visit to the office of Minister Diaz, Mr. Marius Vizer said: “I value very much the meeting we had which was fruitful and positive.“ The IJF President explained that steps towards signing an agreement will be taken. Through that partnership the IJF will support the opening of a "Regional Development Center", which would serve as a model for the Caribbean.

"In the Dominican Republic we have found a lot of understanding of the authorities and the desire to develop judo. There is a possibility that in the future, the country can host the Junior World Championships, as well as a Grand Prix", added Vizer.

"We also met with the president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Mr. Luis Mejía and this was also a very positive discussion for the development of judo" concluded Vizer.

Minister Danilo Diaz said that: “For the Dominican Government, the country and, above all, for judo, it is an excellent assessment made by the IJF. I assure that the agreement will be signed later, and in the future it will greatly benefit the development of this discipline in the Dominican Republic.

"We welcome the fact that the IJF, represented by Mr. Vizer, is interested in opening a center for the development of judo in our country, reaching today the Caribbean region," added Diaz.

The President of the IJF, Marius Vizer, expressed his interest in judo being a benchmark for work for other sports in the country.

The President of the IJF also praised the work done by the Dominican Judo Federation led by Mr. Gilberto Garcia.

The President and Secretary General of the COD, Luis Mejía and Antonio Acosta, thanked the President of the IJF for having contributed to the development of judo internationally and regionally.

"The President of the International Judo Fédération has done a lot for the development of the sport and of the athletes as well as to promote the federations in the continent," said Mejía, while Acosta added: "Judo is a Sport that has had a great growth, attributed to the search for a solution at the right time. "

The COD gave Vizer a special edition and a commemorative medal, while the executives of FEDOJUDO gave him a statue in recognition of the contribution that the President of the IJF has made to Dominican judo.

During the IJF visit, Mr. Juan Carlos Barcos, IJF Head refereeing director led an important course about the new international refereeing and organizational rules of judo to Dominican coaches and referees.

La Nueva Barquita Judo School Project supported by the IJF
The Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) and the Dominican Federation of Judo (FEDOJUDO) initiated a project at the Sor Angeles Vall High School, in the Nueva Barquita sector, with the objective of strengthening the practice of the sport in the schools of the country.

The project of the New Barquita is one out of 15 that operate in the country.

The initiative of the FEDOJUDO, was sponsored by the International Judo Federation, which provided tatami, judogi and all the necessary tools for the development of judo in the national territory, in order to initiate the program through the schools.

The IJF delegation also visited the New Barquita programme. Mr. Jorge Minaya highlighted the work that has been carried out by the INEFI: “The agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports promises to improve the quality and quantity in the different disciplines of the educational curriculum.“

At the end of his visit, the president of the International Judo Federation, Marius Vizer, invited all skateholders to consolidate the tripartite agreement between the Ministries of Education, Sports and INEFI in support of judo in the schools of the Dominican Republic.

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