Jean-Luc Rougé is a keen observer of world judo, undoubtedly one of the most experienced experts and his point of view is always awaited. Present during the test event of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, he gave us his vision of an event which marks the start of a great adventure.

"The first thing I can say is that this test event awakens people's minds. We have been actively working on preparing for the Olympic Games for months, but this is the first time that we have found ourselves together in a competition directly linked to the Games. From now on, we know that the Games are close, very close. This is the big start; I It's tomorrow! The test event materialises this change.

For the IJF, there is no big news because our teams know exactly what they have to do and how. We were able to check the entire technical and IT part and everything works.

We were also able to test many of the improbable situations, which will probably never happen but it is good to have solutions for everything.

I spoke with Etienne Thobois, the Director General of the Paris 2024 organising committee and I told him that we will need another full-scale rehearsal, in the exact configuration of the Games, in order to be able to test the flow of people fully.

I believe that such a test event serves, above all, to solidify a team, a team which I feel is enthusiastic and impatient to meet again in July 2024 for the Paris 2024 Games.”

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