For many judo clubs around the world, owning their own dojo is a dream that allows them to envisage the harmonious development of judo for all age categories. This dream has come true for the AJS Team in the town of Soliman, 30 km from Tunis, the capital of Tunisia.

The inauguration of the brand new dojo took place on 14th August 2023 in the presence of His Excellency the Japanese Ambassador to Tunisia, the Governor of Nabeul, the Secretary General of the Tunisian Judo Federation, as well as members and friends of Suleiman Judo Association.

The dojo will primarily benefit the local judo club as well as the judo promotion centre in Soliman and there is no doubt that it will attract many new judoka very soon.

For Guezguez Abderahmen, member of the AJS Team, the objectives are clear, "We are aiming for a rapid increase in the number of children and young people from 230 to 400. We will develop partnerships with schools and educational establishments for promotion of the values, the moral code of judo."

This ambitious project was funded by the Japanese Embassy in Tunisia up to 80%, by the municipality of Soliman and the sports association itself up to 10% each.

The layout of the dojo, which will quickly become a place for the development of sports practice and a place of life, has been particularly neat, the graphic design being the work of Tarek Sakhi and the painting of Moetaz Chourabi.

Guezguez Abderahmen explained, "Everyone was happy to discover our beautiful venue and its new atmosphere. This will encourage children to develop their physical and mental skills. His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan in Tunisia declared that this dojo was among the most beautiful in Tunisia."

It now remains for the children's laughter and the sound of judo throws to fill the space. Something tells us it already is. A new dojo can change your life. In Soliman, change is underway.

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