In the aftermath of the 2021 World Kata Championships in Lisbon, Portugal, all the participants, athletes and officials gathered together for a final discussion around several themes related to the development of kata worldwide, but also to celebrate World Judo Day.

For Daniel De Angelis, IJF Kata commission director, this seminar was particularly important, "I did not expect so many participants. More than 80 people were here and therefore all the nations present at the world championships were able to take part in the discussions. The competition was already a great success and this seminar only confirms that.

We had to organize the seminar in COVID format of course, and this did not disrupt the discussions which were very productive. Since 2014 in Malaga, we had not managed to bring the whole kata family together and it was the first time since 2018 in Cancun, Mexico, before the pandemic, that we had the possibility of being together in a seminar open to all participants.

We are really very happy. Franco Capelletti, the chair of the IJF Kata Commission, is delighted. I would like to thank him as well as the Portuguese Judo Federation which has taken up the challenge of organizing the championship. They really did an amazing job. My thanks also to President Marius Vizer, who supported us and allowed us to ensure that the kata can continue to develop despite the global health situation.

I think that what marks the most all the observers, it is the attitude and the rigor which surrounds the kata specialists. There is an atmosphere imbued with ethics which is a pleasure to see, but above all and particularly on this special day for the whole of the judo family, an unfailing solidarity which emanates from our groups."

Michel Huet, Kata Commission Coordination Director, could not agree more with the words of Daniel De Angelis, adding comment, "We had an excellent participation during the seminar, like what happened during the competition. We had divided the programme into several themes:

1 - A presentation of kodomo-no-kata for children in its Japanese and French version. 2 - A live with the Kodokan from Japan on the occasion of the celebration of World Judo Day, during which the general principles of judo were recalled. 3 - An explanation and an exchange on the modifications of the judgement rules for the kata, which will be made in the future.

Happy World Judo Day

We also had a demonstration from Wolfgang Dax-Romswinkle (GER - silver medalist in ju-no-kata here in Portugal) about the 'Kata Educational Project'. This is a platform that will teach young people and beginners the basics of nage-no-kata. The launch of the project is scheduled for spring 2022 and follows a request from Franco Capelletti to find solutions to popularize kata."

The outstanding participation and strength of the kata community shone through showing promise of continued participation and success. Being an integral part of the great judo family, all the participants were happy to finally be able to meet in optimal sanitary conditions to discuss their passion for judo. On this very positive note and in a spirit of solidarity, everyone said 'goodbye and see you very soon' hoping that kata continues to develop and thrive. 

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