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Do Neck Strength and the Force Acting on the Body Correlate to Head and Neck Stabilisation During the Breakfall for Osoto-gari? by By Sentaro Koshida and Takanori Ishii

Judo in Schools in South Africa: A Judoka’s Perspective By Petrus Louis Nolte & Charl J. Roux

Weight Loss for Judo Competition: Literature Review and Practical Applications By By Pinelopi S. Stavrinou, George Aphamis, Christoforos D. Giannaki, Gregory C. Bogdanis

Physiological Studies on Fainting due to (Choking) - A Review of the Literature on Human Experiments By By Yuji Nimura, Eiji Higaki, Hanako Motohashi, Yukihiro Yokoyama

How Expert Coaches Understand the Application of Rhythm in Judo By Georgios Bountakis & Mike Callan

Judo for Peace: More than a Philosophy By Nicolas Messner, IJF Judo for Peace Director

Measuring Socio-Emotional Development Resulting From the Practice of Judo, Objectively By Caio Amaral Gabriel

Educating Judo Coaches for Older Practitioners By Simone Ciaccioni, Federico Palumbo, Roberta Forte, Envic Galea, Tibor Kozsla, Attilio Sacripanti, Alexis Milne, Nuša Lampe, Špela Lampe, Toma Jelušić, Slaviŝa Bradić, Maria-Loredana Lascau, Alina Rodica-Borza, Raúl Camacho Pérez, Fernando Diéguez Rodríguez-Montero, Mesut Kapan, Kaya Gezeker, Antonio Tessitore, Laura Capranica

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