April 6, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (#IDSDP), is approaching! Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many of you will be confined. But still, you can actively participate in the April 6 celebration.
Gevrise Emane (FRA), triple World Champion, Olympic medallist and member of the IJF Judo for Peace commission

Ever since its creation by the United Nations General Assembly and the International Olympic Committee in 2013, many of you have celebrated on this day the power of sport to foster dialogue, social inclusion and peace. We are looking forward to learning more about the ways in which you will celebrate April6 this year!

Send (at: [email protected]) and post on social media (using #WhiteCard and #IDSDP) your pictures holding a white card and let's show that the whole judo community is committed in building a better society. Let us know why you want to participate and let us promote the power of sport to drive social change.

For the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SPORT FOR DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE coordinated by the Peace and Sport organisation, more than ever we need peace and we need you!

What is the IDSDP?

At the UN headquarters in New York, on 23 August 2013, the UN General Assembly declared April 6 as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (#IDSDP) – a decision that represented a historic step in recognizing the transformative power of sport and its great potential in advancing positive social change.

This day is commemorated globally each year by international, regional, national sport and development organizations to honour the role that sport plays in society, whether by encouraging healthier lifestyles, making sport more widely accessible or using it as a vehicle for development in areas made vulnerable by conflict, poverty and inequality.

The last editions of IDSDP were celebrated all over the world by a diversity of actors involved in using the benefits of sport to connect people to a wide range of development and reconciliation efforts.

What is the #WhiteCard campaign?

As a reference to the yellow and the red card in the sporting world, since 2014 #WhiteCard is a symbol representing the positive power of sport for peace and social inclusion. “Behind each #WhiteCard, there is a story”, that’s the core message of the 2020 #WhiteCard campaign. It seeks to highlight and draw attention to the stories of individuals and beneficiaries who have been positively impacted by sport all around the globe on social media. Individuals are invited to post a picture holding a #WhiteCard and to share their stories.

What is Judo for Peace?

The IJF has been actively involved in peace building activities throughout the world for many years. In war zones, in post-conflict areas or in places with social disorders, judo is present and helps to build a better society. The IJF is very much involved in finding solutions to help the refugee communities around the globe, in refugee camps and through its refugee and young immigrants projects. The Judo for Peace commission is running long terms programmes and works hand in hand with the other IJF commissions that are directly involved in education (Judo for Children, Education,

Gender Equity, Military and Police, Development…). The IJF has close contacts with UNHCR, UNESCO, Peace and Sport and various stakeholders involved in development and peace throughout the world.

More info about April 6: https://www.april6.org/en/white-card/the-origins-of-whitecard.html

As April 6 will be the International day of Sport for Development and Peace, this is the perfect opportunity for our judo community to promote our values. They will help keep us strong and push us through these tough times and will also hep us to keeping promoting peace. Stay tuned for an upcoming contest for children, incorporating the judo values that will be launched on APRIL 6

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