The Terminal

16. Feb 2021 story

Six hours of waiting goes a long way, especially at an airport, but as Raffaele Toniolo says, “it is ...

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GS Tel Aviv Promo

11. Feb 2021 news

The Judo Grand Slam Tel Aviv is approaching. Discover the promo video and stay connected for more exciting ...

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Babysitter Yarden

13. Mar 2020 news

World Champion and Olympic medalist Yarden Gerbi (ISR) has already proven in the past that she has a ...

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I am Judo - Sagi Muki

24. Feb 2020 news

You follow them each time they participate in a competition. You quake for them. You worry when you feel ...

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Breaking all Barriers

15. Feb 2020 news

While everyone had their eyes fixed on the tatami of the Accord Arena, on 8th and 9th February, for the ...

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Happy Ending

25. Jan 2020 news

Cathy Fleury, Olympic and World Champion, tells us what she thinks about the third day of the Tel Aviv ...

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The Apotheosis

25. Jan 2020 news

The 2020 Tel Aviv Grand Prix was already a success before this third day started. Everything, from an ...

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The Coolest Job

23. Jan 2020 news

The hands of the clock show 09.38. A man goes to his office, it's time to work. Like everyone else, you ...

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Serious Business

22. Jan 2020 news

And so it begins! The first draw of the first tournament of the year. A special year, an Olympic year ...

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Judo for Peace in Israel

17. Nov 2016 news story

For several years the International Judo Federation and the Israel Judo Association have been discussing ...

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