Uemura Sensei: Principles First

It could be said that the remit of the Kodokan President is to safeguard the essence of Jigoro Kano’s ...

Senior Worlds 2022
-48kg: The Fantastic 4

They were going to be the Fantastic 4, such were their destinies.

Senior Worlds 2022
-60kg: The Fantastic 4th

Search, compare and if you find something better, buy it.

Senior Worlds 2022
Technical Analysis, Day 1: Protection, Prevention and Education

Antonio Castro of Cuba is a surgeon, a good one! He is an IJF Ambassador and has also been working with ...

Tashkent World Championships Draw
The Time of Truth

It is the most important tournament of the year and that is why there are many things that revolve around ...

Judo Economic Forum
When Judo Builds Bridges Between Economy and Sport

As it has evolved, judo has built a solid reputation for always being at the forefront of innovation ...

Landing, Running, Winning

A delay of 90 minutes is not ideal for any take-off, especially when the connecting flight departs 85 ...

Senior Worlds 2022
The Judo Family United Around its Values

In less than two days, the World Judo Championships will begin in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

GƏLİN CANLI CÜDOYA BAXIN - Bugün və sabah @Heydər Əliyev İdman Sarayında

Ən yaxşı cüdoçular Bakıda! Bugün və sabah! Final görüşləri saat 17:00-da başlayır! Heydər ...

Senior Worlds 2022
World Championships in the Starting Blocks

The days preceding a major sporting event are always synonymous with excitement and a bit of stress, ...

Tashkent World Championships preview
+100kg: The Passage of Time

It may be a matter of age but the fact is that we like to analyse the passage of time and we have not ...

Tashkent World Championships preview
+78kg: Sone's Shadow

The one who complains chooses to. There can be no regrets here, not at this level, and if the world ranking ...