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The Day After

How do you feel the day after? That day when you climbed on the highest step of the world podium.

Video & Story
Breaking the Gender Barrier

A petite woman in a macho country telling giants of men what to do to conquer medals on the tatami … ...

Baku Postcard: Martyrs’ Lane

Ilham Allahverdiyev was 27 years old when he was shot and killed during what, here in Azerbaijan, is known ...

Daria Bilodid: The Youth Flag Bearer

If you cross Daria Bilodid (UKR), it's a safe bet that you will not believe your eyes on learning that ...

The Best Way to Learn About a City is to See it at Dawn

This is the city as it really is..

Happy with the Draw?

The fact that the draw prior to each judo tournament can be a herald of a successful or not so successful ...

World Championships
Baku’s Bustling Beehive

That unmistakable smell and feel of the tatami....

Baku Postcard

On the eve of the Judo World Championships, discover Alan Abrahamson's Baku postcard. Alan Abrahamson ...

Judo for the World
Azerbaijan, a Country of Fire... and Judo

On September 20th, the Judo World Championships will start in Azerbaijan in the heart of the capital Baku. ...

IJF Academy Recognized as an Autonomous Higher Education Institute

Today was an historical day for the International Judo Federation as its Academy was officially recognized ...

Ilham Zakiyev: An Exemplary Colossus

The man is a true colossus, of those who impose respect just by entering a room and whose sports record ...

Namibia Believes in Judo

Namibia is located in the south part of Africa..