Athlete Stories
Mums in Portugal, on Judo and on Prioritising

Nekoda Davis (GBR), Hannah Martin (USA) and Moira De Villiers (NZL) have something in common, well, a ...

The Scope of Competitive School Judo

This week I attended a regional competition for school children in the UK.

The Largest Office In The World

The year no longer gives much of itself, it is time for reflection.

Athlete Stories
From Veterans to Seniors

In September 2022, Audacio Cambamba became the first ever gold medallist for Angola at any world judo ...

Tokyo Preview
The Smiling Judoka: A Technical Study of Eduard Trippel

“I’m the guy that smiles before the fight,” read Eduard Trippel’s Instagram bio after winning ...

The Power of Words

She releases tremendous phrases like someone who drinks a glass of milk.

The Game

The world circuit is like a strategy game on a global scale and is of interest precisely because it is ...

WJD 2022 - Inclusion
What Does Inclusion Mean to You?

To us it means a gaping space where exclusion tried to muscle in.

WJD 2022: Inclusion
WJD 2022: When Children Know More Than Leaders

There will still be some who are convinced that when we say that everything is possible in judo, we are ...

Abu Dhabi 2022
Fighting More Than One Opponent

Abu Dhabi is the location for the first post-worlds grand slam.

Senior Worlds 2022
Fan Club Uzbekistan

There has been a rousing buzz at the Humo Arena for the last 8 days, led in no small part by Fan Club ...

World Mixed Teams 2022
It’s Wonderful to Be Alive

It’s a question of emotions, the full range of them, none missed.