A Snapshot
The Most Accurate Souvenirs

We all agree that our beautiful game is spectacular, unique and that its flow can turn on a sixpence. ...

Thoughts From Doha
What Can We Learn From the Tiniest Judoka?

For some of the world’s elite there has been no competition for almost a year.

Happy Noses

At this point and if we start from the assumption that judo is immortal, there are three other unavoidable ...

The Most Faithful Friend

It has been a year to forget; a year that has revealed the fragility of a world that we believed to be ...

Japanese Elegance

The Japanese are introverts, by culture and tradition.

The Judo Law

If lovers are crazy then they should lock us up because you have to profess a lot of love to get up on ...

1980 Women’s World Championships: Interview
The Witness and The Beneficiary

In 1937 a dictatorship-style government was in power in Brazil, gaining strength and imposing rules that ...

Four of a Kind

It makes sense to end our series of interviews and articles with Asian women because judo comes from ...

Update from IJF President Marius Vizer on Doha Masters

The Beginning of Everything

The beginning of something new, something great. The beginning of a new era.

One Boy, Two Photos, Three Years

Recently we published a piece of news to tell the story of the new dojo in Kabwe, Zambia, where President ...

Jocelyne Triadou: The Rage to Win

With multiple medals from major international competitions, including five European titles, Jocelyne ...