New Season
Adaptation is the Only Way

In the northern hemisphere, at least, a dip in temperatures and the normal passing of winter means an ...

Saving Our Teens

Now inside the third calendar year of this pandemic, we are beginning to absorb an understanding of its ...

Clarisse and Saeid

We want to get away from stereotypes and use statistics subjectively.

The Memory of Judo

We feel a bit guilty for putting our colleagues to work before the holidays.

Japan and the Others

With or without a pandemic, there are things that do not change.

Delegation Stories
Is It a New Era For Eire?

Irish Judo is not a powerhouse on the world circuit but over the years there have been a small number ...

Abu Dhabi
The Unseen Moments

The warm-up room at any World Judo Tour event is a special place, protected from everything outside, ...

The Last Course

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam is like a beachside restaurant announcing the last course.

Athlete Stories
Revenge is a Big Word

A quarter-final against one of the host team judoka saw a confident Shady dispatch his opponent in a ...

Athlete Stories
Honcharko Steps Up

Just 18 years old and fighting for a bronze medal, up against Shamilov (RUS) with his 8 grand slam medals ...

The Refuge

"My father beat my mother and my stepfather too." The protection of children comes first and forever. ...

A Matter of Adaptation
The International Masters Bremen

During the last week, most have been focussed on the World Championships for Veterans in Lisbon but there ...