Judo in Schools
School Judo in Namibia Crosses Borders

Each year the South Africa Judo Open attracts judoka from not only the host nation but also several neighbouring ...

European Championships for Cadets
To Perfect Oneself

We have read Jigoro Kano’s philosophy about always striving to perfect oneself in order to then contribute ...

Tears of the Sun

Between Pretoria and Ulaanbaatar there are 17,027 kilometres.

It Has to be Worth it

Why do we do it? Judo is hard. Actually judo is very hard.

Judoka Focus: Lasha
The CEO of his Tatami

With a bye in the first round, because that is your reward for being the number one seed, a seemingly ...

The Pantheon Of Photos

A small, narrow street; stopping the car means causing a traffic jam.

Sport Photography Workshop
The Desire To Learn

Much is made of the warrior spirit of the Georgians.

Judo Values
Nepal, Blog 3: Friendship and Gratitude

Local people go about their daily lives with the passing of tourists almost unnoticed.

Why Judo?

Ever wonder why you or your child should start practising Judo?

Nepal, Blog 1

I wasn’t planning to write anything so soon but as soon as I took the first step off the plane I felt ...

Saving Babies' Lives In Ukraine

There are many ways to help. Judo already has theirs. We talked about children and war.

Editorial: Following Sabrina
Not Just Any Mountain, Not Just Any Climber

I have been in the very fortunate position of having some contact with Sabrina Filzmoser since before ...