Paris 2024

Jean-Luc Rougé is a keen observer of world judo, undoubtedly one of the most experienced experts and ...

Paris 2024
The Deep End

In February 2022, we left Patrice Rognon at the dawn of a new challenge.

Paris 2024
It's All About Collaboration

Vladimir Barta is the IJF Head Sport Director. During the Paris 2024 Games, he will also occupy another ...

Paris 2024
Successful Together

Larisa Kiss, Head of International Relations for the IJF, was an important observer of the test event, ...

Paris 2024
1 Year to Go until -78kg / -100kg

French judo legend Teddy Riner chases his third individual Olympic gold, with an entire nation behind ...

Paris 2024
1YearToGo until -78kg / -100kg

2 weight categories, 2 Olympic Gold medals. In preparation for @Paris2024, Lukas Krpalek is looking to ...

Paris 2024
1YearToGo until -70kg / -90kg

"My dreams will come true again" Olympic silver medallist Eduard Trippel imagines himself on the podium ...

Paris 2024
1YearToGo until -63kg / -81kg

“I will defend my title” said Clarisse Agbegnenou (FRA) #1YearToGo.

Paris 2024
1YearToGo until -57kg / -73kg

From champion to legend - Ono Shohei. 2x Olympic champion Ono Shohei takes us through his victories, ...

Paris 2024
1 YearToGo until -52kg / -66kg

Can anyone stop the Abe siblings next year? In Tokyo 2020, Abe Uta and Abe Hifumi made Olympic history ...

Paris 2024
1YearToGo until -48kg / -60kg

In exactly one year today, the -48 and -60kg weights categories will compete for Olympic gold.

The Awakening of the Phoenix

Do you know Ugo Legrand (FRA) or should we say, do you remember Ugo Legrand? We definitely do.