Judo for Children
A Better Future

If the World Judo Tour is about to start again with the Portuguese Grand Prix, to be held from 27th to ...

Judo for Peace
The Long Way to Become Coach

Being a coach is a thought that sooner or later goes through every judoka’s mind.

Judo for Peace
Judo Against Gender-Based Violence

2022 was a year full of hard work, joy, tears, excitement, learning and achievement for the Judo for ...

Judo for Peace
The Children of Abu Ghosh: A Symbol of Peace

In a region that has been tormented for so long by inter-religious and political tensions, the coming ...

Julien Goes Around the World (9)

The idea of my journey was to travel without taking any flights but due to geo-political circumstances, ...

Judo for Peace
Judo for Ukrainians: This Is judo!

It is well-known that world-class judoka are not only champions with a lot of medals, they are also human ...

Julien Goes Around the World (8)

Hi, from Jaipur (India)! As promised last time, I've finally left central Asia to discover new lands ...

Tokyo GS 2022
Kosei Inoue: the Ultimate JUDOs champion

Who does not know Kosei Inoue? Who has never heard of the triple world champion (Birmingham 1999, Munich ...

Judo for Peace South Africa
News From the Tatami

The Judo for Peace South Africa (JFPSA) programme keeps developing at a steady pace, proposing judo activities ...

Welcome São Tomé and Príncipe

With more than 200 national federations already members of the International Judo Federation, we can ...

Judo for Peace
They Are Not Alone

Despite the difficulties and the hardship, Ukrainian children continue to move towards their goals and ...

Judo for Peace
Nike EMEA Partner Summit: Partnership and Success

The two words, partnership and success, can summarise perfectly the two-day event organised in Hilversum, ...