Jufo for Peace
Judo Brings Smiles Back to Children

The city of Kilis has been the scene of an extensive IJF Judo for Peace and Judo for Children programme ...

Judo for Peace
More Hope in Somalia

In 2021 we explained how judo could restore hope to a people scarred by years of bloody war.

Judo in Schools
The Judo Values Reach Myanmar

The Myanmar Judo Federation has been working hard to develop their Judo in Schools programme and over ...

Judo for the world
The AJS Team in Tunisia Has a New Dojo

For many judo clubs around the world, owning their own dojo is a dream that allows them to envisage the ...

Zagreb GP
Getting Close to Our Heroes

Where in the world can we come close to the elite in a way that touches us, in a way that inspires us? ...

Judo in Schools
Judo in Schools in Uganda is Developing

The IJF Judo in Schools programme has proven to be among the most successful projects of the five continents ...

Great Success at the São Tomé and Príncipe National Judo Championship

Founded in October 2021 and recognised in August 2022 by the International Judo Federation, the São ...

Peru’s Mini-Prix Was Huge!

Back in March we spoke with the Pan-American continental union President, Carlos Zegarra Presser, about ...

Judo in Schools
Vietnam Celebrates One Year of Judo in Schools

A year ago the Vietnam Judo Association launched its Judo in Schools activities.

“We Cannot Be Indifferent”

Remarkable things happen when remarkable people have remarkable ideas! Daniel Zodian is a remarkable ...

Judo for Children
1,000,000 Users on Minecraft!

A few months ago only, we were happy to announce that the 'Mystery of the Kodokan' on Minecraft had reached ...

Judo in Schools
Vieru to Inspire the Youth of Moldova

Moldovan judoka Denis Vieru has been the world number one at -66kg for many months.