The IJF is thrilled to share that our Minecraft adventures ‘The Mystery of the Kodokan’ and ’The Mystery of the Budokan’ have been downloaded over 4.5 million times. With these Minecraft worlds we offer an educational experience, based on the values of judo, to millions of children worldwide through gaming.

Due to its ever-growing success ‘The Mystery of the Budokan’ has been featured on the main page of the Minecraft Education Edition. In this adventure, we celebrated the return of the Olympic Games to Tokyo in 2021 after 57 years, where the judo tournament was held in the iconic Budokan stadium. With over 2.6 million unique downloads, we decided to launch another world in 2022, ‘The Mystery of the Kodokan’. This adventure has been played by over 1.8 million unique players, resulting in a combined total of 4.5 million unique downloads.

This is a fantastic response to such a huge project, especially as the IJF is the first federation to work with this platform. The Mystery of the Budokan and The Mystery of the Kodokan are available for free download on the Minecraft Marketplace.

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