Interview: Syria
Pockets of Hope

The IJF has been working with refugee communities for many years, helping local people establish, run ...

Judoka Story
I Know Where I Am

We see each other waiting patiently for our flight to Tel Aviv, sitting at the gate at Paris Charles ...

Our Dress Code: a Language We All Speak

How do we begin to approach each day when we are still reluctant to accept our circumstances?

Judo Values Save Lives

When a 19 year old student, Giovanni Gottardi, suffered an unexpected heart attack while riding his scooter ...

Interview: Tina Trstenjak & Maria Portela
Friendship, Fights and Needing a Hug!

“How is everything, Tina? Are you looking forward to fighting?” “Yes, it’s been a long time!”

Grand Slam Hungary: Draw
Discipline and Unity Lead us to Freedom

With every hour that passes we learn to accept the reality; Grand Slam Hungary is really here.

Have You Noticed...?

Have you noticed just how much we long to be together now?

South Africa
Covid-19 Has Nothing on Judo

Kazuno Judo, run by Allerdyce Fulton, is a new and energetic addition to Johannesburg’s sporting community. ...

Judo Values
Politeness: It's the Respect of Others

Politeness is perhaps the value that seems to us the most obvious to explain because from our earliest ...

Judo Values
Honour: This is to be Faithful to the Words You Offer

At first, things seem simple. Honour is a set of moral principles that encourage you to never perform ...

Draw of the Great 8 contest

On Monday June 1, the winners of the Great 8 drawing contest were revealed.

Judo Values
Self Control: It’s Knowing How to Keep Your Anger Quiet

Here is a concept that many people and judoka perhaps even more, claim to know and control, even master. ...