Interview: Tina Trstenjak & Maria Portela
Friendship, Fights and Needing a Hug!

“How is everything, Tina? Are you looking forward to fighting?” “Yes, it’s been a long time!”

Grand Slam Hungary: Draw
Discipline and Unity Lead us to Freedom

With every hour that passes we learn to accept the reality; Grand Slam Hungary is really here.

Have You Noticed...?

Have you noticed just how much we long to be together now?

South Africa
Covid-19 Has Nothing on Judo

Kazuno Judo, run by Allerdyce Fulton, is a new and energetic addition to Johannesburg’s sporting community. ...

Judo Values
Politeness: It's the Respect of Others

Politeness is perhaps the value that seems to us the most obvious to explain because from our earliest ...

Judo Values
Honour: This is to be Faithful to the Words You Offer

At first, things seem simple. Honour is a set of moral principles that encourage you to never perform ...

Draw of the Great 8 contest

On Monday June 1, the winners of the Great 8 drawing contest were revealed.

Judo Values
Self Control: It’s Knowing How to Keep Your Anger Quiet

Here is a concept that many people and judoka perhaps even more, claim to know and control, even master. ...

COMING SOON: Judo Values
Friendship: This is the Purest and Strongest of Human Feelings

What has not been said or written about friendship? It is enough to do some research on the internet ...

Judo Values
Sincerity: Speak Truthfully

To be sincere, that's a concept to which we all would like to adhere, is it easy to always express oneself ...

Judo Values
Modesty: This is Talking About Ourselves Without Pride

If there is one value that is difficult to talk about, it is modesty, because of its definition: it is ...

Judo Values
Respect: Without Respect There is no Trust

The notion of respect is at the very heart of the practice of judo.