Almaz Alsenov is the CEO of Harvest Group, an IJF partner since the end of 2023. More than that, he is an ardent judo fan, addicted to the sport since he took it up at the age of 11. His enthusiasm and positive energy are infectious, the judo values shining through everything he says and does.
Almaz Alsenov, CEO of Harvest Group.

“I’m from Kazakhstan and was a professional judoka. I’m the owner and CEO of Harvest Group and I love judo. It’s my sport and I did it all my life. My coach taught me the principles of judo and I have followed that guidance every day, taking these values into my business life. Following the principles of discipline and maximum efficiency allows us use our power in the right way whenever necessary. Team work, including family is very important too. It’s important to explain these ideas to young judoka. Throughout my workalike and in my company now, I follow these rules and principles."

Almaz Alsenov presenting medals at the 2024 Paris Grand Slam.

"I live in Karagandy about 3 hours away from Astana. We planned to develop a big dojo there to help the young judoka to be together. It’s taken 4 years and is now open. They can stay together and have all the best equipment in the world, high quality tatami and a great training group. It is a good chance to offer the best training and provide them with the belief that they can find success through judo. Judo is not just present at the professional level but is for everyone and for all of our life. We can improve society through working with these ideas. The cities can be improved if we all believe in these values. I’m happy to be living in this great country that strives to develop and improve every year.

Now we are enjoying the Qasaqstan Barysy Grand Slam in Astana, a very important moment for Kazakhstan, for the young judoka; it is a lot about development. The host nation can have 4 athletes entered into each category, giving them an amazing chance to fight with big champions. For some they will find their first steps up to the international level. The event also promotes our country and shows the world what Kazakhstan has to offer: our culture, our sport and many development initiatives.

Almaz Alsenov together with IJF Director General Vlad Marinescu in Astana.

The IJF gives chances for everybody to develop. There are events in good locations for everyone and many training camps, bringing together the best and the younger ones for continued cycles of improvement, high level and repayment. So I’m proud to be a partner of the IJF and I hope I am able to give something back to the world’s judo family.

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