Day in the Life - Raz Hershko

A #DayInTheLife of Raz Hershko

Day in the Life - Peter Paltchik

One day in the life of Peter Paltchik (ISR). Meet Java the dog, Arnold the Uke, and the woman that changed ...

Tel Aviv Filled our Hearts

The third day of the third World Judo Tour event of 2022 is at an end and as always Tel Aviv has filled ...

Tel Aviv 2022
Japan Back in the Race

The Tel Aviv Grand Slam is in full swing. For this second day of competition, four categories were engaged: ...

Tel Aviv 2022
A Peaceful Success

Israel is a country of judo, no doubt. For years both the women's and men's teams have been performing ...

The Generosity of our Emotional Education

Just one of the many reasons we stay in judo for our whole lives is the depth of emotion that we feel ...

There Was Magic In Morocco

On 11th November a 'Judo for Peace' delegation left Israel for Morocco.

Athlete Interview
The Toughest Decision a Judoka Can Make

Raz Hershko, a name that seems familiar but also somewhat distant.

Gili Cohen: the World Keeps Turning

When we see Israeli athletes, in any sport, there is always a gathering of visible, vocal supporters ...

Tel Aviv Day 3 - J.U.D.O.

A planetary virus, numerous confinements, deprivation of liberty and concern for an uncertain future: ...

Made in Tel Aviv: Bridges and History

The World Judo Tour catches moments of attention beyond the world of sport, once in a while, but here ...

The Terminal

Six hours of waiting goes a long way, especially at an airport, but as Raffaele Toniolo says, “it is ...