Judo in Focus at the IOC 141st Session

Forty years after the last Indian-run IOC session, held in New Delhi in 1983, the city of Mumbai has ...

WJC - Doha 2023
Inbar Lanir, World Champion

This is not a title anyone expected to see, not yet.


The Grand Slam Tel Aviv 2023 is over. Discover the top ippon of this memorable event.

Tel Aviv GS 2023
+100kg: Odkhuu Takes the Last gold Medal

Less than two weeks ago, we experienced Teddy Riner's comeback, live on the Parisian tatami and we witnessed ...

Tel Aviv GS 2023
+78kg: Hershko Initiates a Tsunami of Joy

If the Israeli public expected a lot from its champion Peter Paltchik in the men's -100kg division, they ...

Tel Aviv GS 2023
-100kg: Kotsoiev Takes the Lead

On the strength of his victory in Paris less than two weeks ago, Michael Korrel (NED) is the strong man ...

Tel Aviv GS 2023
Lior Raz Praises the Values That Judo Can Bring to Society

During the recent Paris Grand Slam 2023, the IJF President, Mr Marius Vizer, presented Mr Lior Raz with ...

Tel Aviv GS 2023
-78kg: Unstoppable Bellandi

Alice Bellandi is moving like a train through the opposition, not just today, but in general.

Tel Aviv GS 2023
We Are Happy!

The final bouquet of the 2023 Tel Aviv Grand Slam was sumptuous, colourful and flamboyant, a bouquet ...

Tel Aviv GS 2023
-90kg: Gvinishvili Shows the Best Fighting Spirit

We began the final block with two men really trying to throw.

Tel Aviv GS 2023
Never Give Up!

We have an incredible chance in the world of sport and particularly in that of judo; the athletes, as ...

Tel Aviv GS 2023
Heroes Never Die

What we appreciate, when we follow a day of competition from the elimination phases until the final block, ...